Shipping company engaged in maritime connections between Sicily and its Minor Islands. For the Aeolian Islands departures also from Naples

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Siremar (Sicilia Regionale Marittima) was born following the law 169 of May 19, 1975In 2016 Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori acquired the historic Sicilian companySiremar guarantees connections between Sicily and the smaller islands (Aeolian, Ustica, Egadi, Pantelleria and Pelagie) and also between Naples, the Aeolian Islands and Milazzo.

Fleet Siremar

Between ships and fast ships, there are 15 units that make up the Siremar fleetThe periodic and punctual maintenance interventions guarantee the safety and efficiency of all boats. 

Here are the carriers currently in service:

  • Sansovino
  • Laurana
  • Paolo Veronese
  • Pietro Novelli
  • Antonello of Messina
  • Filippo Lippi
  • Simone Martini
  • Vesta
  • Sibyl
  • Bridge
  • Charon
  • Helga
  • Ulysses
  • Vulcano Island
  • Stromboli Island

Offers Siremar

On the Siremar lines passengers residing on the smaller islands can benefit from a dedicated “Residents” price listAt the time of check-in and boarding on board it will be mandatory to show a valid identification document certifying the residence of the archipelago within which they will have to travelOnly passengers residing in the smaller Sicilian islands can take advantage of the discount if they travel on a line relating to the archipelago of residence.


Children are entitled to reductions which may vary according to the route and the period (enter the age at the time of booking to view the dedicated rate).

Animals on board

On board Siremar carriers it is allowed to transport dogs, cats and other small animals accompanying passengers.

Dogs must be equipped with a leash and muzzle, other small animals must be placed in cages or baskets by the passenger.

Passengers with animals must stay in specially reserved areas or lodge the animals in the on-board kennels where the boat is provided with them. Guide dogs for the blind are an exception. The transport of pets and their maintenance are at the expense and care of the owners.


Each passenger has the right to take 20 gross kilograms of hand baggage with them free of chargeChildren paying half the fare are granted half the deductible, so 10 kg. Items which, for the passenger's personal use, are ordinarily carried in suitcases, travel bags, boxes and the like are considered and admitted as baggage.

The Company declines all responsibility for the theft of objects and/or luggage left unattended .


It is possible to embark your bicycle on board Siremar ships, indicating its presence at the time of booking. Transportation is subject to a specific cost.

Bar services and catering on board

Lines: Naples-Aeolian Islands-Milazzo, Porto Empedocle-Pelagie Islands, Trapani-Pantelleria

  • Cabins with and without services
  • PMR assistance
  • Armchair room
  • Self-service restaurant
  • Bar
  • Pet cabin


Lines: Milazzo-Aeolian Islands, Trapani-Egadi Islands, Palermo-Ustica

  • Bar
  • PMR assistance
  • Lift

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:
- more than of 24 hours: 10%;
- less than 24 hours: 25%:
- less than 30 minutes: 100% (no refund).
Booking fees are never refundable.  

CHANGE costs
Time before departure and cost:
- plus of 24 hours: 10%;
- less than 24 hours: 25%:
- less than 30 minutes: no change.