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Port of Salina (Rinella)

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The Port of Salina (Rinella)

Located south of the island of the same name, the port of Salina (Rinella) is located in Leni, one of the three municipalities into which Salina is divided (the other two are Santa Marina Salina, to the east, and Malfa, to the north)It is characterized by the presence of a jetty, where hydrofoils from other Aeolian islands, mainland and Sicily dock.

Specifically, fast and daily connections are made from MilazzoMessina and from the other islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago.

How to reach the port of Salina (Rinella)

The port of Salina (Rinella) can be reached by bus, taxi and bike and scooter (useful info for those who are already on the island).

Bus: the public transport service by road of the island of Salina is carried out by CITIS (Inter-municipal Consortium for Salina Island).

Taxi: near the pier there is a place where taxis are parked. Rates vary according to the destination to be reached.

Bicycles and scooters: in the area there are shops specializing in the rental of means of transport.

Services available on the Port of Salina (Rinella)

  • Ticket office
  • Bars, restaurants
  • Boat and rubber dinghy rentals

Ticket offices on the Port of Salina (Rinella)

The ticket office is located on the harbor.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Salina (Rinella)

In the vicinity of the port there are a pottery shop, a tobacco shop, an ice cream shop that sells typical Aeolian products and so on.

What to see near the port of Salina (Rinella)

Near the port of Salina (Rinella) it is possible to visit the church of San Gaetano, dating back to the mid-19th century. Other notable religious buildings are the church of San Giuseppe (1860) and the sanctuary built in 1630 in Valdichiesa and dedicated to the patron saint of Leni, Maria Santissima del Terzito.

The territory of Leni, as well as that of Malfa and Santa Marina Salina, is also included in the natural reserve "The Mountains of the Ferns and the Leeks"It is therefore possible for tourists to venture into the protected area and appreciate the majestic grandeur of Monte dei Porri and Monte Fossa delle Felci.

Sea lovers will enjoy the crystal clear waters surrounding the island and the beauty of the numerous beaches in the western part of the island: in addition to the Rinella beach, it is necessary to point out that of Punta Marcello, the beach of Praiola and Pollara (in this locality, belonging to the Municipality of Malfa, is the famous "Casa Rossa", home of the poet Neruda in the film "Il Postino").