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The Port of Alicudi

The port of Alicudi is located south-east of the island, the westernmost of those that make up the Aeolian archipelago. It is characterized by a small pier where ferry boats and hydrofoils from some islands of the archipelago and Sicily moor.

Fast and daily connections are guaranteed from the port of Milazzo, from where some ferry boats also depart. In the first case, the destination is reached in about 3h of navigation; in the second, however, the section is carried out in about 6 hours.

How to reach the port of Alicudi

The port of Alicudi is within walking distanceExcept for the characteristic mules, there are no other means of transport. The only driveway is located on the harbor, and leads to the small heliport built on the coast.

The characteristic districts that make up the town (all concentrated in the south-eastern part of the island) can be reached by going up the numerous local stone stairs in the area.

Services available on the Port of Alicudi

  • Ticket office
  • Bar
  • Restaurants

Ticket offices on the Port of Alicudi

The ticket office is located a few meters from the port.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Alicudi

There is a grocery store near the port.

What to see near the port of Alicudi

The island of Alicudi is ideal for those looking for a vacation spot completely immersed in nature and far from the chaos and greyness of modern metropolises. Going up the ancient mule tracks of the island, you can discover the villages in which Alicudi is divided.

Starting from the port, you will come across Tonna district, in the village of San Bartolo (where the church of the same name which dates back to the early nineteenth century stands), and in the districts Sgurbio, Pianicello and BazzinaIn this itinerary to discover Alicudi, an excursion on the Filo dell'Arpa, the main mountainous relief of the island (675 meters above sea level) can certainly not be missing.

Other places to visit are the chapel of San Giuseppe and the church of Carmine, both located in the port district. As for the beaches, there is that of Alicudi port o and that located in the Bazzina district (the two beaches are characterized by the presence of dark pebbles). If you have a boat available and explore the western coast of the island, you can admire the "Scoglio della Galera", a singular and suggestive rock formation that is very reminiscent of a dragon.