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Port of Favignana

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The Port of Favignana

Located on the central-northern side of the island, the port of Favignana has a double vocation: fishing and tourismTherefore it may happen that fishing boats are present at the same time, including the famous tuna traps (Favignana boasts a centuries-old tradition in tuna fishing), yachts, motorboats, sailing boats, ferries and fast boats.

The latter depart from Trapani and MarsalaThe travel time varies between 55min and 1h 20minAny intermediate stops and the type of boat you are traveling with affect the duration of the journey.

Mention due for boatingThe companies operating in Favignana guarantee (almost) all the services that compete with a modern tourist port: guardian; mooring / unmooring assistance; drinking water; electricity; diver; mechanical assistance; electronic etcetera.

How to reach the port of Favignana

The port of Favignana can be reached by bus, taxi and by bike and scooter (useful info for those who are already on the island).

Bus: the public transport service on rubber of the island of Favignana is carried out by the "Tarantola Bus" company. The parking is on the Lungomare Duilio a few steps from the port.

Taxi: near the port there are several activities that carry out this service.

Cars, bikes and scooters: in the area there are businesses that rent cars, bikes and other means of transport.

Services available on the Port of Favignana

  • Ticket offices
  • Tourist Information Center
  • Parking
  • Fuel Distributor
  • Bars, restaurants
  • Diving center
  • Boat, dinghy, car, bike & scooter rental
  • Pharmacy

Ticket offices on the Port of Favignana

The ticket office is located at the Molo San Leonardo. 

Shops within (or near) the Port of Favignana

Near the port of Favignana there are countless commercial activities: bars; restaurants; ice cream parlor; shops for clothing, souvenirs and typical products; car, bike and scooter rental; boat and dinghy rental; food and so on.

What to see near the port of Favignana

Those arriving by ferry or hydrofoil in Favignana can immediately start their visit. The first thing to see is the Sea Museum located inside the former Florio factoryFor over a hundred years, from 1859 until the 1970s, tuna caught along the coast of the island was processed, canned and exported to the rest of the country in this factory a few hundred meters from the port.

Therefore tourism was not the first opportunity for redemption for Favignana. If anything, tourism, years after the end of industrial production, had the merit of recalling places, faces and anecdotes of that historical period in order to spread knowledge beyond the borders of the island.

Also very beautifulunderground gardens. Favignana, in fact, is rich in calcarenite, a stone widely used in construction. Once decommissioned, the quarries on the island were converted into orchards, citrus groves and home gardens, in many cases with astonishing results from an aesthetic point of view.

For the rest, a holiday in Favignana is dedicated to the sea and relaxation. From the beautiful Cala Rossa, passing through Cala AzzurraPraiaLido Burrone etc., there are many beaches and rocky coves where you can swim in complete tranquility. We are talking about naturalistic scenarios of the highest environmental value, not surprisingly all included in the Marine Protected Area Egadi Islands.

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