Area: Sicilia

Ferries to Egadi Islands

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List of Ports: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo

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The ports of Egadi Islands are served by the following companies
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Ferries to Egadi Islands
Ferries from Egadi Islands
Favignana ➜ Marsala
23Km Daily rides
Favignana ➜ Trapani
18Km Daily rides
Levanzo ➜ Marsala
Levanzo ➜ Trapani
14Km Daily rides
Marettimo ➜ Marsala
Marettimo ➜ Trapani
40Km Daily rides
Inner ferry routes Egadi Islands
Favignana ➜ Levanzo
Favignana ➜ Marettimo
22Km Daily rides
Levanzo ➜ Favignana
6Km Daily rides
Levanzo ➜ Marettimo
29Km Daily rides
Marettimo ➜ Favignana
22Km Daily rides
Marettimo ➜ Levanzo
29Km Daily rides

Egadi Islands

Unlike other places where tourism has profoundly changed customs and traditions, in Favignana, Levanzo and Marettino the Mediterranean lifestyle has preserved its authenticityThe daily rhythms are still marked by fishing activities and small farming, and respect for the seasonality of the products has maintained its centrality in gastronomy.

To these considerations we must obviously add the wonderful landscapes and the crystal clear sea of the whole archipelago, so much so that a holiday of relaxation and well-being comes out of it. A holiday that, compared to the past, today is definitely more at hand thanks to the maritime connections from Trapani and Marsala

It goes without saying, the races increase during the tourist seasonpeaking in the summer monthsThat said, the best times to visit the Egadi Islands are probably late spring and early autumn, periods in which the beauty of the places is even more enhanced by the absence of large numbers of tourists.