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Port of Filicudi

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The Port of Filicudi

Located in the south-eastern part of the island, the port of Filicudi consists of a pier where hydrofoils and ferries leave from Sicily and some islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago.

The fast connections are made every day from Milazzo (Driving time: 2 hours and 20 approx). Ferries also depart from the same port (in this case, it takes 5 hours to reach the destination).

How to reach the port of Filicudi

The port of Filicudi can be reached by scooter (rentable on the port), by car and on footDuring the summer months it is possible to reach the island by your own means, but you must scrupulously comply with the directives contained in the resolution that regulates the landing.

Services available on the Port of Filicudi

  • Ticket office
  • Restaurants
  • Boat and scooter rental
  • Service station

Ticket offices on the Port of Filicudi

The ticket office is located near the port.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Filicudi

Near the port of Filicudi there are a grocery store, a pharmacy, a tobacconist's and clothing store.

What to see near the port of Filicudi

The island of Filicudi (included in a protected natural area since 1997) is divided into districts, which still maintain their archaic charm intact. In addition to the port area (where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful waters that lap the beach of Alicudi Porto ), another very popular area is that of Pecorini a Mare, the ancient and evocative fishing village which is located in the southern part of the island.

Other notable places, besides the churches of Santo Stefano and San Giuseppe, are the beach in "Le Punte", that of Brigantiniof the Pyramids and Capo Graziano, on whose promontory the remains of a prehistoric village were found (nearby there are also the famous millstones). 

Relevant archaeological sites are also those of Filo Braccio and Zucco Grande (where a Greek funerary inscription has been brought to light). In the marine park of Capo Graziano - a submarine archaeological museum in all respects - it is also possible to admire the wrecks of some ships (Greek, Roman and a cable tray of the Italian Navy) sunk over the centuries off the coast of Filicudi.

For trekking lovers, an excursion to Monte Fossa delle Felci is essential (771 meters above sea level) and along the many paths on the island. If you have a boat, we recommend a tour of the island: you will discover caves (such as that of the Bue Marino), caves and islets (in particular the Scoglio Giafante, the Scoglio Montenassari and the Faraglione "La Canna", symbols of Filicudi).

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