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The Port of Lampedusa

Located on the southern side of the island, the port of Lampedusa develops within a large inlet bordered to the west by Punta Guitgia and to the east by Punta Maccaferri.

In this recess there are three rocky coves, each with specific functions: Cala Guitgia (west) is the docking point for commercial ships, while Cala Salina (center) and Cala Palma (east) are used for mooring pleasure boats and fishing. Ferries and hydrofoils, on the other hand, moor immediately after the entrance to the port, at the Cavallo Bianco quay.

Cala Palma and Cala Salina are more commonly called Porto Vecchio and Porto Nuovo.

The maritime connections are much more frequent in the summer, during which the Siremar ferry which ensures the territorial continuity of Lampedusa with the mainland (Porto Empedocle) all year round, is joined by the fast means of Liberty Lines.

Being the southernmost Italian territory - even more south of Tunis and Algiers - the journey times are quite long: about 8h by ferryjust over 4h by hydrofoil.

How to reach the port of Lampedusa

The port of Lampedusa can be reached by bus, taxi and by car, bicycle and scooter (useful information for those who are already on the island).


The terminus is located in Piazza Comm. Brignone approx. 600 meters from the port.
There are two lines: Circolare Rossa (Cala Creta) and Circolare Blu (Isola dei Conigli) .
Connections are generally guaranteed from 8:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening. The ticket costs € 1.50 and can be purchased from the driver.

Cars, bikes and scooters

On the island there are various car rental activities (including the mythical Mehari), bikes and scooters that allow you to move with greater freedom and flexibility of schedules than buses.


If desired, Lampedusa can also be explored on foot. The precautions are those normally used among trekking enthusiasts: technical clothing; bonnet; sunscreen; hydration; avoid the hottest hours of the day and so on.

Airport connections - Port of Lampedusa

Located on the eastern side of the island, near Cala Francese, the Lampedusa airport (managed by Ast Aeroservizi Spa) * is about 2 km away. from the port.

The stop of the bus is a few minutes walk from the airport (see. "How to reach the port - Bus"). Alternatively, you can book a taxi or shuttle service (in both cases, they are private local service companies).

* Direct flights insured all year round from Palermo and Catania ("social routes")During the summer, direct flights are available from other Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Bologna etc.).

Services available on the Port of Lampedusa

  • Bar; restaurants; pizzerias; ice cream shop
  • Bakery
  • Fishmongers
  • Diving
  • Boat Rental
  • Gas station

Ticket offices on the Port of Lampedusa

Strazzera Shipping Agency - Lungomare Luigi Rizzo

Shops within (or near) the Port of Lampedusa

Near the port of Lampedusa there are various activities: bars; restaurants; pizzerias; ice cream parlor; fishmongers; bakery; boat rental; diving center; petrol station etcetera.

What to see near the port of Lampedusa

Those arriving by ferry or hydrofoil in Lampedusa can start their visit immediately. The very first thing to see, in fact, is the Porto Vecchio where the ships and fast vehicles coming from Porto Empedocle dock. It is a bit like the visiting card of the island, with the unmistakable faces of fishermen intent on mending their netsbars and restaurants where you can stop for an aperitif, or to taste one of the many seafood specialties of the local gastronomy. Without forgetting that, not far from the Porto Vecchio, there is the Guitgia Beach, the most popular on the island due to its easy accessibility. 

And, again on the port, it is possible to book the classic tour of the island by sea to discover the rocky coves and other coves of Lampedusa. Not all beaches, in fact, are accessible from the ground and, when they are, it is still necessary to keep in mind the difficulties that the route may present. 

As, for example, in the case of the Isola dei Conigli, an essential stop on a holiday in Lampedusa. According to many it is the most beautiful beach in the world, certainly among the most beautiful ever, and therefore, given the expectations, it should not discourage the dirt road necessary to reach it.

For the rest, divingsnorkelingtrekkingfishing tourism are all activities that can be done on the island. To this range of opportunities we can add that touch of worldliness that does not hurt. Along via Roma, the heart of the Lampedusan nightlife there are several places with piano bars where you can sit, have a drink and listen to good music.