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With its 31 thousand inhabitants, Milazzo is one of the most populous municipalities in the entire metropolitan city of MessinaThe main strength of the area is evident: if you pick up a geographical map, you will notice that the promontory of Capo Milazzo is located not many buttocks from the Aeolian Islands, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern Italy especially during the summer season.

This proximity to the Aeolian archipelago has therefore determined the fortune of Milazzo and its port, in which numerous entrepreneurs have invested, especially those who operate in the maritime transport sector. The interest of the shipping companies has meant that over the years the number of connections (especially fast) with the Aeolian Islands increased, in summer as in winter. Currently the seven "sisters" are reachable every day, weather and sea conditions permitting.

While representing an undeniable and conspicuous source of income, being the main port serving the Aeolian archipelago is not the only wealth of the Milazzo area. The promontory of Capo Milazzo is a real open-air museum, where it is possible to admire both architectural beauties (for example the Castle) and natural beauties (the "Pool of Venus").

To the historical-naturalistic beauties we must then add the delicacies of the Milazzese cuisine, which can be placed in the wake of the great Sicilian food and wine tradition: the characteristic Messina-style stocco fish, cannolo and piparelli (all washed down with a fine DOC wine, the Mamertino di Milazzo).