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The island of Sardinia, the second largest in Italy, together with other neighboring islands constitutes a region with a special status.

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Where is it convenient to take the ferry to Sardinia?

The port on the mainland where it is best to take the ferry to Sardinia depends on your starting point. If you leave from Northern Italy it is advantageous to embark in Genoa (or in the low season in Livorno) on the route to Olbia, in the north-east of Sardinia. However, if you depart from the Central Italy, the best solution is to board in Civitavecchia. Starting from Southern Italy it is best to take the ferry to Cagliari from Naples or Palermo. However, if you are in certain areas of Western Europe, boarding in Barcelona (Spain) can be very useful.

What are the cheapest ferries to Sardinia?

The cheapest ferries to Sardinia are generally those of the Grimaldi Lines company for those traveling without a vehicle, while Moby and Tirrenia may be more convenient for those traveling with a vehicle in tow. The least expensive lines are those that cover the Civitavecchia - Olbia and Livorno - Olbia routes. In any case, prices vary depending on the accommodation chosen and the seasonality, the size of the vehicle, and the time in which the booking is made. To compare prices and availability of all connections to and from Sardinia, do a search.

What is the fastest ship to go to Sardinia?

The fastest ship to go to Sardinia is the Fast Cruise-Ferry of the Tirrenia fleet which sails on the Civitavecchia - Olbia route in summer, completing it in daytime navigation in record time (5 and a half hours). During the summer season, the Moby Fast Cruise-Ferry which leaves for the Olbia port from Piombino also takes the same amount of time to cross.


The territory of Sardinia constitutes the Autonomous Region of the same name, which includes an entire archipelago formed essentially by the main island, very extensive, around which there are many other small islands, for a total of 24100 square kilometers not densely populated.

A microcontinent composed primarily of hills and rocky plateaus and, on the coastal strip, of many sandy coasts, sloping rocks and sheer cliffs for a total of 1900 km. The valuable Sardinian ecosystem is preserved by three national parks, three regional parks and several marine and natural protected areas.

Separated from the rest of the boot by the Tyrrhenian Sea, it has the western coasts washed by the Sardinian Sea, those to the north by the waters of the Strait of Bonifacio (with the French municipality and that of Santa Teresa Gallura delineating the borders) a few miles away from Corsica, while it is the Mediterranean that separates it from the Tunisian coasts.

It has always been a sea port for all those who have sailed the Mediterranean routes since the dawn of time and in search of new lands and commercial opportunities; it has a cultural heritage that is not represented solely by the indigenous one of the Nuragic civilization, resulting in a richly heterogeneous nature. It is currently administratively divided into the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, the Southern Province and the Provinces of Sassari, Oristano and Nuoro.

There are three international airports on the island (Cagliari-Elmas, Alghero-Fertilia, Olbia-Costa Smeralda) and, for maritime transport, the port of the capital and the ports of Arbatax, Golfo Aranci, Olbia, Porto Torres and Santa Teresa. The economy is based on the tertiary sector - mainly tourism - for a small percentage on pastoralism and a small part on the industrial sector. The climate is insular Mediterranean, with a fairly high average annual temperature.

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