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Inhabited since the NeolithicCagliari (Casteddu in Sardinian) is the guardian of a huge historical, artistic and naturalistic heritageAccording to some, the name of the city derives from the proto- Sardinian term Karali, which means "rocky location"Being built on seven limestone hills unites it to RomeLisbonPrague and Istanbul.

Throughout its history - also due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean - it has always played a leading role. During the Roman period it was the capital of the Province of Sardinia et Corsica.

The sign left by Rome is still very evident: in the municipal area, in fact, there are an amphitheater of the imperial age (it could contain up to 10 thousand people ), the villa of Tigellio (in the Stampace district) and the so-called Grotta della Vipera  a tomb from the 2nd century destined to house the mortal remains of the matron Atilia PomptillaNear the cave there is also the Punic necropolis of Tuvixeddu, the largest still existing.

As mentioned, Cagliari is not only synonymous with art and history. The city is in fact rich in numerous green lungs: the public gardens, the Parco delle Rimembranze, the Orto dei Cappuccini, the Garden under the walls, the Parco della Musica, the Monte Urpinu Park and so on.

Visitors are also interested in the Santa Gilla Lagoon and the Molentargius Pond: these two protected wetlands are annually chosen by colonies of flamingos to nest. As for the beaches, however, the most frequented by tourists are that of Poetto and Calamosca.

If you are passionate about local traditions, Cagliari is the city for you. During the year, in fact, a myriad of events take place in the area. Among these we must certainly include the characteristic Carnival, the feast of Sant'Elfisio on May 1st, the procession to the sea during the feast of Our Lady of BonariaLast but not least, the feast of San Saturnino: the patron saint of the city is honored by the people of Cagliari on October 30th.

In this brief vademecum a passage, albeit a quick one, on cooking cannot be missing. The famous malloreddus (Sardinian gnocchi), spaghittus cun arrizzonis (spaghetti "with sea urchins") and porceddu cannot be missing on the table of every self-respecting CagliariThe Sardinian culinary tradition also boasts a large number of desserts: from sebadas to candelas, from pabassinas to pardulas and so on. Finally, the wines deserve a mention: it is possible to choose between MonicaGirò, and Moscato, Malvasia and many others.