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Grimaldi Lines operates maritime connections in Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Greece and Tunisia.

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Grimaldi Lines

The Grimaldi Group was founded in 1947 in Naples by the Grimaldi brothers, nephews of Commander Achille Lauro, from whom they inherited their passion for the sea.

Initially focused on freight transport, the Company almost immediately opened up to passenger transport on transatlantic journeys between Italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Starting from the 1960s, the Grimaldi brothers opened up to vehicle transport which became the strong point for the expansion of the group.

Over the last 15 years, the Company has grown exponentially and, to date, specializes in the maritime transport of cars, goods, containers and passengers, counting about 100 routes.

The passenger offer was diversified into three different brands, each dedicated to a different destination: Grimaldi Lines in the Mediterranean Sea ; Minoan Lines on lines to/from Greece; and Finnlines in the Baltic Sea.

In particular, Grimaldi Lines carries out maritime connections in Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Greece, Malta, Tunisia.

Fleet Grimaldi Lines

The Grimaldi fleet currently consists of 15 units.

All the ships of the Grimaldi Lines Company are of the new generation and guarantee comfort and safetyThey are all equipped with armchairs, internal and external cabins, suites and offer their passengers many services, such as restaurants, bars, wellness centers, casinos, fast food areas and large open spaces with swimming pools.


The Grimaldi Company offers discounted rates for the little ones.

Children up to 3 years of age travel for free , they are not entitled to a seat (max 2 per cabin). Children from 3 to 12 years old are entitled to a 50% discount on the deck pass.

Passengers under the age of 14 cannot travel alone , but must be accompanied by a parent or adult. Children over the age of 14 can travel alone with written authorization (and identity documents attached) from both parents, who are responsible for any damage to persons or property.

All passengers (adults, children, infants) must be in possession of a valid identity document.

Animals on board

Pets can travel on board the Grimaldi ships as long as they are indicated at the time of booking and on the ticketFor dogs, cats and other pets (over 6 kg) there are dedicated accommodations (cages); alternatively, when a cabin has been booked, the pet kit can be added, which makes the accommodation accessible to pets. For pets up to 6 kg it is also possible to use the special pet carrier owned by the passenger. They are also allowed to walk on the external decks of the ship with their respective owners, but only with a muzzle and leash (not provided on board). Animals cannot access the common areas. Finally, it is necessary to have food, bowls and everything necessary for their meals.

For the transport of pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) carried out between countries of the Schengen Area or from a Schengen country to a non-Schengen country, it is mandatory to bring the European passport (PET), the leash and the muzzle to wear for access to common areas. For national routes, however, it is necessary to have registered with the canine registry (registered microchip) and be in possession of the certificate of good health issued by the veterinarian.

Blind passengers can be accompanied by their guide dog, whose presence must be reported at the time of boarding. The pet can travel in the cabin with the owner.


Passengers with seats or deck passages can bring a small hand luggage with them. The passenger accommodated in the cabin can take only one suitcase with them in the cabin. Any other baggage - except for those placed inside (or on) vehicles - must be kept in the baggage deposit (s) present on board upon payment of the corresponding fee. In any case, baggage - including those placed inside (or on) vehicles - must not exceed 30 kg in weight


Bicycles can be safely boardedThey must be declared at the time of booking.

WiFi on board

Paid Wi-Fi service is available on Grimaldi ferries, which can be used by choosing one of the internet packages available (Easy, Digital, Digitalplus) via the Seafy website or directly on board.

Bar services and catering on board

On board the Grimaldi fleet it is possible to taste typical dishes of the Mediterranean tradition and beyond. In fact, both the à la carte and the Self-Service restaurants offer a variety of dishes every day and a wide choice of first and second courses. It is also possible for passengers with intolerances or allergies to choose personalized menus, indicating this at the time of booking. Halal dishes are provided on the ships operating the Tunisia line. For snacksaperitifs or for a simple coffee it is possible to go to the bars, located both on internal and external decks.

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:
- more than 30 days: 10% plus fixed fees;
- from 29 to 7 days: 30% plus fixed fees;
- from 6 to 2 days: 50% plus fixed fees;
- from the day before: 100% plus fixed fees (no refund).

The special rate ticket is non-refundable. It is also not possible to cancel a modified ticket already 2 times.

MODIFICATION costs (time, date, line)
Time before departure and cost:
- more than 2 days: €30.00.

MODIFICATION costs (change/addition of passenger, vehicle, pet, service)
Time before departure and cost:
- up to the same day (even at the ticket offices): no cost.
With the exception of tickets issued with special rate Discount on return Tunisia, the name change can only be requested up to 2 days before the outward journey.

To these change costs must be added any fare differences and/or the cost of added products in addition to the change rights equal to €2 per section. The changes are subject to the availability of seats on board, or the service requested.

General transport terms and conditions Grimaldi Lines

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