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The Port of Ancona

Protected by an elbow-shaped promontory on which part of the town develops, that of Ancona is the largest natural harbor in the central-northern AdriaticThe most diverse activities take place inside: handling of goods in containersfishing , passenger traffic and shipbuildin .

From a structural point of view, it is constituted by a series of moles from which the sail ferry ships that reach the Croatia (Split) and Greece (Patras, Igoumenitsa, Corfu). The main shipping companies operating within the port of Ancona are SnavAnek Lines and Grimaldi Lines.

How to reach the port of Ancona

The port of Ancona can be reached in various ways. Below we provide you with the main alternatives.


From Milan - Take A51. Follow A1, E45 and A14 towards SS16 in Falconara Marittima. Take the exit towards Ancona Centro from SS76. Continue on SS16.

From Rome - A24 and A14 in the direction of Axis North-South / SS16 in Ancona. Take the Ancona Sud Osimo exit from A14. Continue on North-South Axis / SS16.

From Naples - A1 to Cassino. Take the Cassino exit from A1. Take SR509, SSV Sora - Cassino and SS690 Avezzano-Sora in the direction of A25 / E80 in Avezzano. Take the exit towards Rome / L'Aquila / Teramo from SS690 Avezzano-Sora. Take A24 and A14 towards Asse Nord - Sud / SS16 in Ancona. Take the Ancona Sud Osimo exit from A14. Continue on the North - South axis / SS16.


The public transport service of the city of Ancona is managed by the ATMA and Conerobus companiesFor info on timetables and fares, consult the portals of the two companies. Ancona and its port are also reachable from the main Italian cities thanks to Flixbus.


Trains from all over Italy arrive at the Ancona Centrale station. Both medium and long-distance connections as well as regional ones are operated by TrenitaliaFor more info take a look at the company's website.

Airport connections - Port of Ancona

The city is served by the Ancona-Falconara ( or Marche ) airport , which is just under 20 km from the port . The airport is named after the Urbino painter Raffaello Sanzio . 

From the airport it is possible to reach the port of Ancona by renting a car , taking the train , taxi or taking advantage of the comfortable Aerobus Raffaello (operated by Conerobus). All information relating to the services we have listed are available on the Marche-Raffaello Sanzio airport website (click on the "Travelers - How to reach us" section).

Connections Train station - Port of Ancona

Ancona Centrale railway station is very close to the portFor this reason, once you leave the train station you can also reach the boarding points on footAlternatively, the journey can be made by taxi or by public transport.

Services available on the Port of Ancona

  • Maritime station
  • Ticket offices
  • Bars, restaurants
  • Hotel, B&B

Ticket offices on the Port of Ancona

Snav, via Einaudi - Check-in Terminal

Anek Lines, via Einaudi - Check-in Terminal

Grimaldi Lines, via Einaudi - Check-in Terminal

Luggage storage on the Port of Ancona

The luggage storage service is managed by Dorica Port ServicesThe headquarters are located in the west wing of the maritime station (Molo Santa Maria).

Shops within (or near) the Port of Ancona

Behind the port of Ancona is the historic city center: along its streets you will find numerous commercial activities where you can go shopping.

What to see near the port of Ancona

Most of the monuments and most important places in Ancona are located on the port or not far from it. One of the first things you will notice walking along the port area of ​​the city is the Mole Vanvitelliana (or Lazzaretto). It is a port work designed and built by the well-known Neapolitan architect in 1733the building was erected on an artificial island with a pentagonal shape.

A short distance from the Lazzaretto is Porta Pia: in late Baroque style, it is the monumental entrance to the city. Also on the port, and to be exact on the north pier, stands the Arch of Trajan in all its magnificenceBuilt by the Roman emperor in 115 AD, it is still today one of the symbols of the city as well as the gateway to the East

Continuing the tour, you will come across a whole series of religious buildings, among which the church of Santa Maria della Piazza and the church of San Francesco alle Scale stand outBut it is by going to the promontory that watches over the city that you can admire the most important church in the city: the Cathedral of San Ciriaco , patron saint of Ancona. The capital of the Marche is also home to two synagogues located in the same building, which is located in the heart of the ancient ghetto

The city also counts a conspicuous number of civil architecturesAmong these it is possible to include the Loggia dei Mercanti, the Government Palace (seat of the Prefecture), the Palazzo degli Anziani, the Senate palaceOn Piazza del Plebiscito (better known as Piazza del Papa) overlooks not only the aforementioned Prefecture, but also Palazzo Ferretti, seat of the National Archaeological Museum of the Marche

You cannot say that you have been to Ancona if you have not taken a sip of water from the so-called Fontana del CàlamoLocated in Piazza Roma, it is also known as the Fountain of the Thirteen Cannelle: if you want to be sure to return to Ancona, don't forget to take this step.