With Tirrenia and Toremar it is today the first shipping company for routes in the Mediterranean.

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Moby S.p.A. was founded in 1959 in Naples by the owner Achille Onorato. The company offers maritime connections that allow you to reach Sardinia, Corsica, the island of Elba, Sicily, the Tremiti islands and Northern Europe. On Moby ships it is possible to take advantage of a whole series of services (cabins, restaurants, pizzerias, bar, swimming pools, solarium, game rooms, children's area and much more).

Fleet Moby

The Moby fleet consists of 15 naval units.


On Moby ships, children up to 3 years of age travel for free.

For children aged 4 to 11 the rate is 50 % discounted.

On board Moby ships there are play areas with tunnels and balls, videogames, cinema and swimming pool.

Animals on board

Pets are welcome on Moby ships.

You must have a ticket and bring a muzzle and leash, a bowl for the baby food, enough food for the crossing and sand for the toilet.

Remember that the foreign local authorities may require the European passport, the microchip, the medical certificate of good health and the compulsory vaccination booklet (anti-rabies must be done at least 21 days before leaving).

Pets are not allowed in the cabins (with the exception of cabins with access for animals), in the lounge chairs and in the common areas (bars, restaurants). Instead, they have free access to the external decks; suitable shelters are available on some ships.


Animals from an EU country, to be admitted to French territory, must comply with a series of requirements: identification (tattoo or microchip), valid rabies vaccination and passport. For animals less than 3 months old, not vaccinated, a specific authorization issued by the Member State of destination is required.

Furthermore, for dogs of breeds considered potentially dangerous (Pitbulls, Boerboel and dogs similar, for morphological characteristics, to dogs of the Tosa breed), the introduction on French territory or in the French overseas is prohibited, under penalty of a fine of 15,000 euros and 6 months in prison.

On the other hand, as regards guard and defense dogs (for example American Staffordshire terriers and Rottweilers), it is necessary to present the certificates of birth and of the pedigree line to the customs and to be equipped with civil liability insurance. Furthermore, it is necessary to obtain a "Permis de détention" from a French veterinarian, a document issued following a behavioral examination of the dog and verification of the owner's ability to manage it.


There are no restrictions on weight and size of luggage on Moby ships.

If you travel with a vehicle you can leave your suitcases inside, while if you travel without a vehicle you must always carry your luggage with you.

Valuables can be handed over to the Purser who will keep them in special safety deposit boxes.

NB It is forbidden to bring flammable materials into your baggage.


On Moby ships you can take your bicycle on board denouncing it at the time of booking. The cost is € 3.00 each way.

WiFi on board

On Moby ships which sail for the Tuscan Archipelago, Wi-Fi  is free, but can be used for a maximum of 2 hours per day for each device.

To stay connected while browsing you can purchase an internet package with a Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card. To proceed with the payment, simply type a web address from your mobile device and you will be automatically directed to the Wi-Fi access portal.

Package rates:

Bronze: 50 MB - 3 euros

Silver: 100 MB - 5 euros

Gold: 250 MB - 10 euros

Bar services and catering on board

On Moby ships you can choose from a wide range of catering servicesà la carte restaurant, self service, pizzerias, cafes, snack bars, ice cream parlors. It is also possible to request cabin service for lunch and/or dinner, opting for a menu of land or sea.

For the little ones there are dedicated menus ; for the intolerant there are gluten free proposals.

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:
- more than of 30 days: 10%;
- plus of 48 hours: 20%;
- more than of 4 hours: 50%:
- less than 4 hours: 100% (no refund);
- tickets purchased on the same day as the departure date: 100% (no refund).
Booking fees do not they are never refundable.

Partial cancellations (changes in number of pax, vehicles, accommodations) possible under the same conditions as total cancellations but only up to 9 days before departure (the number of days indicated does not include the day of the change and the day of departure).

CHANGE costs
Time before departure and cost:
- plus of 2 hours (standard rate): €10.00.
- plus of 2 hours (special rate): €25.00.
To these modification costs must be added any tariff differences and the modification fee equal to €2 per leg. 

General transport terms and conditions Moby

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