Area: Liguria
Place: Genova

Port of Genoa

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The Port of Genoa

Fulcrum of maritime connections throughout Northern Italy, the port of Genoa is one of the most important ports in the MediterraneanIt has been so since Roman times even if it was in the sixteenth century, and then in the nineteenth century, which experienced impetuous phases of development, first commercial, and then industrial.  

Alongside trade and industry, the port of Genoa is also at the forefront of passenger traffic. There are 5 terminals dedicated to the docking of ferries and cruise ships: Calata ChiappellaPonte Colombo and Ponte Caracciolo are used for ferry traffic; while Ponte Andrea Doria and Ponte dei Mille to the cruise one.

The numbers are impressive: on average, 3 million passengers and about 700,000 cars travel to SardiniaSicilyCorsica and North Africa every year through the port of the Ligurian capital (Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) without forgetting, of course, the main Mediterranean and ocean routes of cruise ships.

In addition to the technological development and logistical adaptation of the Maritime Station (a figure: 180,000 square meters of parking area for cars waiting for boarding), these numbers are also explained by the proximity to the railway station (a few hundred meters) and the airport. citizen (just a few kilometers). Not to mention, finally, that from the port, the beautiful historic center is easily accessible. 

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How to reach the port of Genoa


  • Motorway A10 from Ventimiglia;
  • Motorway A12 going up the Tyrrhenian coast;
  • Motorway A7 from Milan.

The exit is Genova Ovest from which you have to follow the signs for the port. 

Information to be checked after the collapse of the "Ponte Morandi" viaduct.


In addition to Flixbus, which allows you to reach Genoa from the main Italian cities, there are also ATP buses, a provincial transport company that connects all 67 municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Genoa, and buses from AMT, a local public transport company (see connections Station - Porto). 


Dinegro stop at 400 meters. the Ferry Terminal


Regional trains start at:

  • Ventimiglia to Genoa (Piazza Principe) with a frequency ranging from 30 to 90 minutes.
    Journey times from 2 to 3h.
    From Genoa Piazza Principe the ferry terminal is about 1 km away.

  • Turin (Porta Nuova) towards Genoa (Piazza Principe) approximately every 2 hours.
    Journey time: 2h.
    From Genoa Piazza Principe the ferry terminal is about 1 km away.

  • Milano Centrale to Genoa (Piazza Principe) with a frequency ranging from 1h to 2h.
    Travel time: 2h.
    From Genoa Piazza Principe the ferry terminal is about 1 km away.

For further train connections, consult the website

Airport connections - Port of Genoa

The public transport company of the city of Genoa (AMT) ensures a shuttle service between the Cristoforo Colombo airport, the railway stations (Piazza Principe and Brignole) and the city center. The bus is called Volabus; the ticket costs € 6.00 and can also be purchased on board (check operation)The public transport company of the city of Genoa (AMT) ensures a shuttle service between the Cristoforo Colombo airport and the Sestri Ponente railway station. The bus is called Flybus. From the Sestri Ponente station the ferry terminal is about 6 km away.

Connections Train station - Port of Genoa

  • From the Piazza Principe railway station, the AMT bus Nr. 20 (red line) is available.

  • From the Brignole railway station, the AMT bus Nr. 18 (red line) is available.

Parking near the Port of Genoa

Autosiloport - Calata Ponte del Mille, 16126

The only parking inside the port of Genoa, adjacent to the Cruise Terminal.

Tel: (0039) 010-2758482

Lanterna Parking - Via di Francia 5C

Parking open on cruise ship docking days from 08:30 to 15:30. By reservation, the possibility of access to the car park, regardless of the days of docking of the cruises.

Tel: (0039) 342 3290928

Garage Ponte dei Mille - Via R. Rubattino, 9

Ideal solution both for those staying in hotels near the port and / or intending to visit Porto Antico and the Aquarium of Genoa, as well as for those who have to embark on a ferry or for a cruise.

Tel: (0039) 0102462613

Minerva Park Genoa - Piazza Bandiera, 1

Tel: (0039) 010-2461609

South Tower Park - Via de Marini 21/23

Covered parking ideal for those who have to embark on a cruise ship (shuttle service for boarding) or a ferry, but also for those who want to visit the historic center and / or the Aquarium.

Tel: (0039) 3356747921

Ticket offices on the Port of Genoa

The MobyTirrenia and GNV ticket offices are located in the Ferry Terminal of the port of Genoa, at Piazzale Traghetti Iqbal Masih, 5.

Luggage storage on the Port of Genoa

The Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brigole railway stations both have luggage storage. The first, in particular, is about 1 km from the Ferry Terminal. 

Shops within (or near) the Port of Genoa

Most of the recreational and commercial activities (bars, restaurants, shops, etc.) are concentrated in the Porto Antico area and the Exhibition Center. Above all, of course, the Aquarium of Genoa. There is also a rich cultural and leisure offer, especially for the little ones. Furthermore, all around the port area there are various accommodation facilities.  

What to see near the port of Genoa

Via Balbi, Via Cairoli and Via Garibaldi, the streets along which the noble palaces ("rolli") of the Maritime Republic (Unesco Heritage) follow one another are just over a kilometer from the Ferry Terminal of the port of Genoa. At about two kilometers, however, the Old Port, and above all the second Aquarium, in size, only to that of Valencia. Finally, one kilometer away is the famous Lantern, the undisputed symbol of the Ligurian capital.