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Genoa is a city to be discoveredMost of the attractions are concentrated in the historic center with its characteristic maze of narrow alleys (carrugi) where it is nice to wander paying attention to the urban and architectural details that define the city aesthetics.

A mix of different styles, from baroque to liberty, passing through neo-gothicromanticism and rationalism, which makes the Ligurian capital a culturally avant-garde city, rich, of course, with civic and state museums.

But Genoa is above all a seaside cityIn this sense, the visit of the Boccadessa and Vernazzola districts is essential to deepen the dictates of Mediterranean architectureIn particular, the village of Boccadessa at the end of Corso Italia, a city promenade where the Genoese like to spend part of their free time. 

So history, museums, monuments, Mediterranean but also contemporary architecture. The reference is to the Porto Antico area redesigned by Renzo Piano and today, together with the Aquarium, one of the major attractions of the city.

Furthermore, we must not forget the contribution given to the tourist appeal by funiculars, racks and city lifts (above all the Castelletto Levante lift).

Last but not least, the port, a perfect compendium of the history of the city, first of all from a commercial and industrial point of view, but for many years now, also from a tourist point of view.