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Port of Bonifacio

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The Port of Bonifacio

Located at the end of an inlet in southern Corsica, the port of Bonifacio is just over 6 nautical miles from the Sardinian coast (Santa Teresa di Gallura).

It consists of a series of moles dock where the boats pleasure and a wharf from which the sail ferries that within one hour allow to reach the airport Teresino.

The Ichnusa Lines and Moby companies operate within the port area of ​​the Municipality of Bonifacio.

How to reach the port of Bonifacio

There are various ways to reach the port of Bonifacio. If you are already in the heart of the city, you can also get to the boarding area on footIf, on the other hand, you prefer to move with the help of a vehicle, you can choose to rely on car rental or move with the means of the various transport companies operating in the Corsican area.

In view of the large number of tourists who go to Corsica, during the summer the number of trips made by buses increases significantlyThis will allow you to reach most of the most famous Corsican resorts without excessive effort and in comfort. 

In this short guide dedicated to the port of Bonifacio, we cannot fail to refer to one of the most characteristic attractions of Bonifacio: the Petit TrainThe small train leaves every 30 minutes from the port and takes you directly to the Old Town

For more information on the Bonifacio train and transport, we recommend that you also take a look at the website of the Tourist Office.

Airport connections - Port of Bonifacio

The airport closest to Bonifacio is that of the neighboring Municipality of Figari. 

From the Figari - Corsica del Sud airport it is not possible to reach Bonifacio directly. However, from Figari you can take the bus that will take you to Porto Vecchio, which is connected to Bonifacio by busAlternatively, you can consider reaching your destination by taxi, by renting a car or a two-wheeled vehicle.

Services available on the Port of Bonifacio

  • Maritime station
  • Ticket offices
  • Information Office
  • Bars, restaurants
  • Hotel, B&B
  • Service station
  • Bus station, Petit Train
  • Car, motorbike and boat rental

Ticket offices on the Port of Bonifacio

The ticket offices of the companies operating in the port of Bonifacio (Ichnusa LinesMoby) are located inside the maritime station.

Luggage storage on the Port of Bonifacio

Like all self-respecting tourist resorts, Bonifacio is also full of shops and small shops where you can go shopping during your stay. Of particular note are the craft activities, where you can buy tailor- made clothescoral jewelry and knives forged by the skilled hands of skilled Corsican blacksmiths.

What to see near the port of Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a city ​​to be experienced and exploredOnce you arrive near the port area, the aforementioned Petit Train will take you in no time at all to the heart of the Citadel, where you can admire in all their splendor the Porta di Genova, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the church of San Domenico, the marine cemetery and the Bastione dello Stendardo (the highest in France).

Not far from the fortress, that is from Piazza del Mercato and Piazza de La Manichella, you can enjoy a panorama that truly leaves you breathless: a real terrace overlooking nearby Sardinia. The ancient city is also characterized by a maze of narrow and pleasant streets.

You cannot say that you have been to Bonifacio if you have not faced the 189 steps (carved into the limestone rock) of the famous Staircase of the King of Aragon: the beauty of the cliffs and the crystalline sea will amply repay you for any effort.

For sea lovers  we suggest a nice boat trip: from the port of Bonifacio numerous tourist boats depart that will take you to the discovery of some scenic beauties of southern Corsica, part of the Bocche di Bonifacio nature reserveAn exciting tour among jagged coastssea ​​caves formed over the millennia (such as those of Sdragonato) and the suggestive islands of Lavezzi.

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