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Main gateway to CorsicaBonifacio (which owes its name to Boniface II of Tuscany ) extends around a short fjord  surrounded by limestone walls that overlook the homonymous MouthsShips from another important tourist resort arrive at its port : Santa Teresa di Gallura, the pearl of Northern Sardinia. 

Inhabited since ancient times, the Bonifacino area was also occupied in Greek and Roman times: while the former did so to expand their trade routes, the latter exploited its strategic geographical position, transforming it into a military outpost. 

Over the centuries it underwent numerous dominations: from the Republic of Pisa to that of Genoa, from the Aragonese to the Turks, up to the French (the city was ceded by the Genoese in 1768 with the Treaty of Versailles). Bonifacio is also directly linked to the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, who when he was still a young officer was placed at the head of the garrison of the fort.

Bonifacio is rich not only from a historical-cultural point of view, but also from a naturalistic point of viewThe amenity of its landscape makes it attractive for tourists: the Bonifacino area is characterized by inletscoves and beaches where you can spend your days in complete relaxation. If you have a boat available, you cannot at all give up a dip in the wonderful waters that surround the Lavezzi islands.