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Place: Bastia

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The Port of Bastia

Located in the north-eastern part of Corsica, the port of Bastia is the main port of the island for passenger and freight trafficShips from mainland France (NiceToulonMarseille) and Italy (Genoa, Porto VadoLivornoPortoferraioarrive at the Corsican port.

Near the port area there are also two areas (called Porto Vecchio and Port de Toga) intended, especially in the summer, for pleasure boats.

The port area of ​​the Corsican town is served by various shipping companies, among which Moby and Corsica Ferries stand out.

How to reach the port of Bastia

There are various ways to reach the port of Bastia. Below we provide the main solutions.


from Ajaccio (151 km) via T20 and T11. The journey takes 2h 40m. approximately;

from Bonifacio (173 km) via T10 and T11. Journey time: 2h 56min. approximately; 

from Figari airport (167 km) via T10 and T11. To reach the destination it takes 2h 47min. approximately.


The main towns of Corsica are connected by a bus serviceEspecially during the tourist season, the races increasetherefore if you choose to travel by bus it will not be difficult to move from one place to another.

Once in Bastia, you can move around thanks to the means of the SAB (Société des Autobus Bastiais), the company that manages the city 's public road transport service.


Bastia can also be reached by train: the city is in fact served by a train station that connects it to the capital AjaccioThe line is part of the Chemins de fer de la Corse network.

Airport connections - Port of Bastia

The airport closest to the city center is Bastia-Poretta, located not many kilometers away from the city center.

From the airport it is possible to reach Bastia and its port by hiring a car, taking the shuttle or a taxiIn case you opt for the shuttle, the latter will leave you at the Bastia train station, which is a few minutes from the port area.

Connections Train station - Port of Bastia

As reported in the previous paragraph, the distance between the train station and the port is not very greattherefore it can also be filled on footHowever, you can also reach the ferry terminal by taking a taxi or by public transport.

Services available on the Port of Bastia

  • Ferry terminal
  • Ticket offices
  • Bars, restaurants
  • Hotel, B&B
  • Car, motorbike rental

Ticket offices on the Port of Bastia

Moby, South Terminal Port de Bastia

Corsica Ferries, Viale Pascal Lota

Shops within (or near) the Port of Bastia

Behind the port of Bastia develops the city ​​center, where you can stroll and shopYou will find various types of business activities (clothing stores, a souvenir, of jewelery, of typical products etc.).

What to see near the port of Bastia

Bastia, like other Corsican cities, deserves to be visited carefullyOne of the first things to see once you arrive in the capital of Upper Corsica is certainly the Porto VecchioLoved by tourists because of its resemblance to the Ligurian and southern Italian ports, the Vieux Port  embodies the soul of Bastiaits colorsits history

Still walking along the port area you will find the church of San Giovanni Battista , the largest on the islandBuilt towards the middle of the 17th century, it is in Baroque style and is characterized by the presence, on the sides of the façade, of two twin bell towers.

Other notable places of worship are the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception (which for two years was the seat of the Anglo-Corsican Parliament) and the Oratory of the Confraternita Santa Croce (where the so-called "Black Christ", a wooden sculpture dating back to the beginning of '400). 

Another significant monument of the city is certainly the Palazzo dei Governatori: built at the end of the 15th century, for a long time it was a military barracks. Today it houses an ethnological museum and is also one of the main cultural centers of Bastia.

Finally, the Jardin Romieu (and the staircase of the same name ) and the very central place Saint Nicolas deserve a mentionThe square overlooks the port of the Corsican town, and is the ideal place to spend the afternoon relaxing (nearby you will find via César Campinchi  and Boulevard Paoli , the shopping streets). Place Saint Nicolas is embellished with two monuments: a statue of Napoleon Bonaparte and the war memorial.