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First Hybrid High Speed ​​Craft for Capri, Ischia and Procida

The agreement between Marinvest/SNAV and Intermarine for the design and construction of a SNAV hybrid single-hull, equipped with latest generation technologies, will bear fruit in 2024.

The first hybrid high-speed craft for Capri, Ischia and Procida is from the shipping company SNAV (Società Navigazione Alta Velocita) and it will enter service in the Gulf of Naples by the end of the first half of 2024.

The Hybrid High Speed ​​Craft (HSC) monohull for fast short-haul sea crossings is designed and built by the Intermarine research center (subsidiary of the Immsi – IMS.MI industrial group) using cutting-edge technologies in industrial design.

The high-speed vessel features latest generation engines to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and an electric motor for zero-emission maneuvers entering and leaving ports.

Features of the Hybrid High Speed ​​​​Craft SNAV

Built entirely in electrowelded aluminum alloy with the Metal-arc Inert Gas (MIG) process, this Hybrid High Speed ​​​​Craft will have an overall length of 58.20 meters and a maximum width of 11.50 meters, a capacity of 750 people (738 passengers and 12 crew members) and a maximum speed of 34 knots.

This super-fast single-hull, in addition to being equipped with technologically advanced low-polluting emission engines, does not release emissions at all in ports thanks to the electric motor designed specifically for docking and unmooring manoeuvres.

Press Statements

“Protection of the environment is one of the main concerns of the MSC Group, as today’s announcement demonstrates” said Giuseppe Langella, CEO of SNAV. “We are proud to be able to start operating a state-of-the-art ferry equipped with the most environment-friendly technologies, which will be the first in a series of crafts with equivalent or superior characteristics.”

“This opportunity is marked by close collaboration between Intermarine and Marinvest/SNAV, who for us are not only a client but partners with whom our relationship is underpinned by our companies’ expertise in the naval sector” commented Intermarine CEO Livio Corghi. “This is an exciting project, with a high technology content and focus on the environment, and it was enthusiastically welcomed by our R&D centre in Messina.”

SNAV lines in the Gulf of Naples

The private shipping company SNAV, a company of the MSC group, carries out, among other operated lines, fast connections between Naples and the islands of the Campania Archipelago throughout the year. This new hybrid monohull joins a fleet entirely made up of hydrofoils, catamarans and fast ships, with only the first two types of boats in line in the Neapolitan gulf.

As regards the company’s lines in the Gulf of Naples, ten departures are scheduled every day, both on the Naples – Capri route and on the reverse route. The island of Ischia is also one of the SNAV destinations from the Beverello pier (the area of ​​the port of Naples dedicated to hydrofoils), thanks to operations on the Naples – Casamicciola route and vice versa with an intermediate stop in Procida.

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