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Ferries to Croatia, on the Ancona Split line there is the Snav cruise ferry

To reach Split (Croatia) from Ancona, the cruise ferry from the Aponte company is available seasonally.

Among the ferries to Croatia we also find, from April to October, the cruise ferry of the SNAV shipping company which, equipped with on-board services similar to those of cruise ships, operates seasonally on the Ancona – Split line.

The cruise ferry in the fleet of the Neapolitan shipowner Gianluigi Aponte is a ship of the “Strade Consolari Romane” class, the MSC Aurelia, which has returned, since March 2024, in SNAV livery. In the cover image, it is the larger of the two ships docked in the port of Ancona.

There are at least three weekly departures on the outward journey and three on the return journey, all in the evening with night navigation, which in the high season (July and August) increase to five weekly departures, thanks to the addition of trips with morning departure and navigation in daytime.

Ferry Ancona – Split SNAV

The SNAV Ancona – Split ferry is a cruise ferry (i.e. with services and furnishings similar to those of modern cruise ships) which reaches the Croatian port of Dalmatia from the capital of the Marche region from April to October three to five times a week, and carries out the reverse route with the same frequency and at the same times.

In mid-season it leaves in the evening and sails at night. Trips increase in high season, generally from mid-July to the end of August, when sailing is also possible during the day.

To consult the departure and arrival times, simply click on the previous link and use the form at the top of the page, or scroll to the bottom of the page and discover the times and prices of the first available departure, both outward and return.

The duration of the night crossing is eleven and a half hours, while the daytime crossings last two hours less.

As accommodations on board, you can book free passage, the armchair, the internal cabin (two bunk beds, four beds or two beds with pet access), the sea view cabin (two bunk beds, four beds or two beds with pet access), the double cabin with sea view and the disabled cabin (two beds).

As vehicles, you can add to the booking a car, a motorcycle, a trailer with a boat, a caravan, a caravan, a minibus or a van.

The MSC Aurelia

The carrier used on the line to Croatia by Gianluigi Aponte’s shipping company is the MSC Aurelia, which returned to SNAV livery in March 2024.

This ship was built in 1980 at the Italcantieri shipyards of Castellamare di Stabia for the Tirrenia di Navigazione company, it has a tonnage of 14,384 tons, a length of 147.99 meters, a width of 25.40 meters, and it can reach a maximum speed of 16.5 knots and can accommodate up to 2280 passengers and 650 vehicles.

The MSC Aurelia is in the case a ro-ro pax, equipped with reception services, snack bar, cinema, entertainment room, games room, shopping area, infirmary, kennel, restaurant, self service, as well as 414 cabins, among which there are also suites, and two escalators for pedestrian access on board.

The eleven bridges on which it is structured are listed below:

  1. engine room;
  2. garage, 119 second class cabins;
  3. garage;
  4. garage;
  5. garage;
  6. garage, 48 first class cabins;
  7. reception, bar, cinema, restaurant, self service, shop, games room, card room, 41 first class cabins;
  8. armchairs, infirmary, kennel;
  9. 83 first class cabins;
  10. 87 first class cabins;
  11. 36 first class cabins, solarium.

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