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Stability for ferries, NAPA technology implemented on GNV ships

Adjustment of the stability parameters of some GNV ships is done in real time with an onboard system that can connect with a cloud data platform.

The new digital ship stability solution, NAPA Stability for Ferries, has been implemented on seven units of the GNV fleet.

This innovative cloud-based technology improves load condition maintenance, data transparency and communication, optimizing operational safety and efficiency: voyage and load management is faster and more reliable.

NAPA is a provider of maritime software and data services for ship design and operations based in Finland.

The GNV fleet is made up of a total of 28 ships; the shipping company operates 31 lines in 7 countries, with ferries to Sardinia (seasonally, to Olbia from Civitavecchia and Genoa and to Porto Torres from Genoa), Sicily, Spain, France, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco and Malta.

GNV improves ferry stability with a digital solution

GNV is one of the first ferry companies to take advantage of NAPA’s innovative technology, an on-board system that can connect to shore with a cloud data platform allowing continuous monitoring and dynamic adjustment of the ship’s stability parameters in real time by the crew and ground teams. This enables greater operational efficiency and more informed decision-making for safe and smooth travel.

The data behind the technology is based on NAPA’s accurate 3D modeling, which takes into account the ship’s unique design and uses it to cover a wide range of calculations relating to hydrostatics, intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal resistance.

Real-time access to stability data gives ground teams and crew a clearer picture of their current loading conditions. This helps assess risks on an ongoing basis and provides better communication of vital information which ultimately supports a quicker response in the event of an emergency.

Statements to the press

Markus Tompuri, Chief Stability Officer, Safety Solutions, NAPA, said: “NAPA Stability for Ferries is our answer to the industry’s growing safety and efficiency challenges. The advanced solution offers the best in stability management, optimized for ferry operations, allowing them to tap into a wide range of information tailored to their specific needs. Working collaboratively with industry leaders also ensures that we are building a solution that not only meets their operational objectives but also supports critical decision making, often under time pressure”.

Davide Orecchia, Technical Director of GNV, said: “The safety of our passengers is our top priority. Working with NAPA gives us peace of mind that we are maintaining the highest industry standards to ensure our ferries operate safely and smoothly, while unlocking data insights to improve the efficiency of our fleet and teams. With new dynamic cargo loading capabilities and real-time onboard stability data available onshore via cloud services, our onboard and shoreside teams can communicate and collaborate like never before”.

Paolo Astarita, Chief Nautical Operations Officer of GNV, added: “The installation of NAPA Stability on our fleet represents a fundamental step in our process of evolving navigation safety. This advanced stability management solution will support our captains in different circumstances, such as sea passages, cargo loading performance, vessel handling, efficiency processes and criticality management”.

“On the shore side, it benefits our officers on duty at the GNV Maritime Support Centre, who operate 24/7 to remotely gather real-time stability information. We have previously used NAPA software for loading and have also partnered with NAPA for deck officer training”.

The company is ready to improve fleet safety and adopt the latest IMO requirements, and we are pleased to welcome the new evolution of the software”.

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