Ferry and hydrofoil timetables from Naples to Palermo

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Schedules of ferries and hydrofoils from Naples to Palermo

Ferry schedules Naples to Palermo
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The route Naples-Palermo is served by the following companies

Naples to Palermo ferry

With the Grimaldi Lines, Tirrenia and Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) ferries on the Naples - Palermo route, you will arrive in comfort in Sicily starting from the coast of Campania to travel the approximately 170 nautical miles that separate the two regional capitals.

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The departures of the ship races for Palermo are made from Naples, overall, throughout the course of the year, on a daily basis (although with Grimaldi Lines it is generally possible to depart only from April to December).

The Tirrenia carriers make one trip a day with departures in the evening, except in August, when there are two departures a day with the addition of a daytime navigation trip. Grimaldi fleet vessel departures are made three times a week except from mid-July to mid-September when it departs 6 days a week. With GNV, the frequency is daily with a single journey, except from the end of July to the beginning of September, when there are 2 journeys a day on some days of the week.


La tratta inversa è Palermo - Naples

How long does the crossing from Naples to Palermo take?

The duration of the journey is 10 hours and 30 minutes at night and 9 hours and 15 minutes during the day with Tirrenia, 10 hours with Grimaldi Lines (about 8 hours a half in summer, when navigation is not totally at night) and 11 hours and 30 minutes with GNV (Sunday in low season 14 hours and 15 minutes).

Where and how to board the ferry from Naples to Palermo?

The Neapolitan terminal is located in the Calata Porta di Massa maritime station. For embarkation, the ticket (also digital, in pdf format) and the passenger documents (even if minor) are required, as well as the vehicle registration document if traveling with a vehicle. With Tirrenia, check-in takes place in the square in front of the ship or in the pre-boarding area near the Pisacane gate, where it is necessary to arrive at least an hour and a half before the departure time if traveling with a vehicle, or half an hour in advance if you are a pedestrian. With Grimaldi Lines the embarkation pier is 15/c of ​​the Quay Immacolatella Vecchia; the fast check-in procedure is carried out directly alongside, where you must show up at least two hours before departure with your vehicle, at least an hour and a half before if you are traveling on foot. With GNV, you must present the aforementioned documentation and collect your boarding passes in the square Piazzale Molo Pisacane at least two hours before departure if you are with a vehicle; at the ticket office located in the square Piazzale Immacolatella Vecchia at least one hour before departure if traveling as a pedestrian.

Trip Overview Naples ➜ Palermo
Minimum duration 510 min
Maximum duration 630 min
Racing per day 2
Distance 314.80 km
First and last rides Naples ➜ Palermo
The first Ferry Grimaldi Lines 20:15
The last Ferry Grimaldi Lines 22:30
Prices Naples ➜ Palermo
Prices and offers To know prices and offers do a search now
Ferry Tirrenia Florio
10h 30m
Ferry Grimaldi Lines MV CRUISE AUSONIA
8h 30m
* Expected arrival time, not guaranteed. All time zones are their respective locations.
Ferry Tirrenia Rubattino
10h 30m
* Expected arrival time, not guaranteed. All time zones are their respective locations.

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