Anek Lines

Anek Lines connects Italy and Greece with departures from Ancona, Venice and Bari to the ports of Igoumenitsa, Corfu and Patras.

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List of ports connected by this company: Igoumenitsa, Venezia, Patrasso, Ancona, Corfù, Bari, Pireo, La Canea, Heraklion

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Anek Lines

The company was incorporated on 10 April 1967, with the name "Compagnia Cretese di Navigazione SpA" and the title ANEK LINESThe company was founded to satisfy the desire of Cretan citizen shareholders to travel on large, safe vessels on their connections to mainland Greece.

The Company has been present in the passenger transport sector since September 1970, when it made the first ship, Κydon, operational for the Piraeus - Chania route.

Since then, the growth has been exponential and, to date, ANEK LINES has 9 owned vessels, flying the Greek flag, all very modern, which guarantee high standards for the quality of the services offered.

Since 2018 ANEK LINES has been a partner of Superfast Ferries with which it manages the lines that depart from Venice and Ancona with the new Anek-Superfast.

Below is an overview of the destinations served by ANEK LINES ships:

Italy - Greece: Igoumentisa, Cordù, Patras, Venice, Ancona, Bari

Piraeus - Crete: Piraeus, Heraklion, Chania

Aegean Islands: Kasos, Karpathos - Diafani, Rhodes, Halki, Anafi, Santorini, Milos, Sitia, Piraeus, Iraklio

Fleet Anek Lines

The ANEK Lines fleet currently consists of eight units which are used for the transport of passengers, vehicles and goods.

  • Hellenic Spirit
  • Olympic Champion
  • Kydon
  • Elyros
  • El Venizelos
  • Kriti I
  • Kriti II
  • Prevelis


On international routes children under 4 years (infant) who do not occupy a bed or seat pay a fixed fee of € 5.50 per flightFor those who occupy a bed or a seat a 50% discount on the adult rate is applied.

Children between 4 and 16 years are entitled to a 50% reduction on the adult rate of the chosen accommodation. Children traveling in the cabin must be accompanied by an adult.

On internal routes children up to 5 years of age travel for free, without the right to a bed or seat (it is mandatory to issue a free ticket). Children traveling in a cabin or seat are entitled to a 50% discount and must be accompanied by an adult.

Animals on board

Pets can travel on board the ship and their presence must be specified at the time of booking. ANEK Lines units have special accommodations for four-legged friends such as special cabins for their stay and boxes

Animals cannot access cabins other than specific cabins, bars, restaurants and common areas; instead they have the opportunity to walk with their owners on the external decks, on a leash and wearing a muzzle.

Passengers are responsible for the care, hygiene and safety of their pet, and for any damage caused by it to things and/or peopleIt is necessary to have a health document or, for European citizens, a European Passport (PET). Valid rabies vaccination is essential for dogs, cats and ferrets.


On ANEK Lines ships you can take your bike on board for free.

WiFi on board

On board ANEK Lines units Wi-Fi is subject to chargesPassengers can connect to the internet by purchasing a connection package online or using a prepaid voucher available at the ships' bars and receptions.

Bar services and catering on board

ANEK Lines refreshment services meet the needs of all passengers. You will have the opportunity to choose between the à la carte and self-service restaurants which offer Greek and international cuisine. On board there are also coffee bars where you can taste local products (milk, yogurt, herbal teas) or enjoy a good coffee.

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:

- Ordinary rate tickets for INTERNATIONAL LINES

- more of 22 days: 0% (no penalty);
- from 21 to 8 days: 20%;
- from 7 to 24 hours: 50%;
- less than 24 hours: 100% (no refund). 

Possibility partial cancellations. The above refund policy is not valid for tickets issued with a special offer.

CHANGE costs (time, date)
Time before departure:
- more than 4 hours

To these change costs must be added any fare differences and the change fee of €2 per leg. Possibility to change to a new departure date or to make the tickets "open" (open date). 

General transport terms and conditions Anek Lines

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