Area: Grecia
Place: Athens

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The port of Piraeus, the most important in Greece, is the maritime station of Athens.

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The Port of Piraeus

The port of Piraeus, on the north-east coast of the Saronic Gulf, is located in the municipality of the same name, Piraeus, 12 kilometers from the city center of Athens. The two municipalities are urbanistically united without solution of continuity. What has been called the port of Athens since the time of Themistocles is the main port of all Greece and one of the most important in the Mediterranean. As regards the transport of passengers, the ferries that reach the Cyclades islands, Crete and the Dodecanese, the Saronic islands and other places in mainland and insular Greece are operating in the maritime station. All ships moor in the port area called Kantharos, while in the coves of Zea and Mikrolimano, yachts and fishing boats are found respectively. Among the passenger terminals, connected to each other by a free shuttle service, there are Miaoulis (Terminal A), Themistocles (Terminal B) and Alkimos (Terminal C); there are also 12 numbered gates for arrivals and departures. The port's electronic scoreboards indicate where the ship you are interested in departs from. The shuttle starts its journey from the entrance of the port, near the underground and railway stations.

How to reach the port of Piraeus

The easiest way to reach the port of Piraeus from Athens is by metro, precisely with line 1 (green). Alternatively, you can take bus line 040, departing from Syntagma Square, or line 049, departing from Omonia Square; the arrival stop, a ten minute walk from the port, is that of Korai. By taxi, in the absence of traffic, it takes just over half an hour to reach the port.

Airport connections - Port of Piraeus

Metro line 3 (blue) connects Athens International Airport to Monastiraki, from where you can take metro line 1 (green) to get to the port of Piraeus. The journey can be completed in about an hour and a half. The suburban railway, on the other hand, makes the direct connection between the two terminals, taking an hour. The bus line X96 also connects the airport with the port 24 hours a day.

Connections Train station - Port of Piraeus

The Athens railway station is located in a district of the city center (Kolonos), a five-minute walk from the Larissa metro stop (line 2), connected to the Omonia stop, from where you can change metro lines and take line 1 to get to Piraeus. The suburban railway service that allows you to reach the port with TrainOSE trains, departing from inside the railway station, may be even more convenient.

Parking near the Port of Piraeus

It is not possible to park inside the port of Piraeus. There are private car parks outside the port area.

Services available on the Port of Piraeus

Wi-Fi and shuttle are free services that you can use in the port of Piraeus.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Piraeus

Outside the port you are practically near the center of the municipality of Piraeus, where there are all kinds of shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pharmacies and banks.

What to see near the port of Piraeus

From the hill of Kastella, the district above the inlets of Mikrolimano and Zea, the view embraces Athens and the Saronic Gulf. Along the marina of Zea (Pasalimani) there are many restaurants and bars, while in Mikrolimano (which in Greek means small port) there are taverns and more rustic places. A public beach extends between the two marinas. Important bronze statues from the Archaic period are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus. Also worth seeing is the Orthodox cathedral of the Holy Trinity, in the neo-Byzantine style.