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Place: Patras

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The Port of Patras

Third for the number of inhabitants, preceded by Thessaloniki and Athens, Patras has just over 200,000 residents and overlooks the Ionian Sea. The port, equipped for both freight and passenger traffic, is the second most important at national level after that of Piraeus.

Therefore a fundamental seaport for the Greek economy, so much so that the city is also known as the "Gate of Greece to the West"Frequent connections with the main Italian ports of the Adriatic: Bari; Toasts; Ancona and Venice.

Furthermore, from Patras, the islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos can also be reached by sea, hugely popular tourist spots in Greece. 

The proximity to the station also contributes significantly to the development of the port of Patrasat the bus terminal and in the centerHistoric center that offers various things to do and see even though Patras is not a top-tier tourist destination.

How to reach the port of Patras

From Athens or Pyrgo : Patras Bypass (PB) ring road. Three ways to enter the port:

  • exit C "Glaucus Junction" ; proceed to Akti Dymeon; "Gate A" exit;

  • exit C "Glaucus Junction" ; proceed along the Clauss - E. Venizelos - Akti Dymeon - Gate A streets;

  • exit D "Ovria Junction" ; proceed for “Andr. Papandreu Street "; continue to Akti Dymeon, Gate A exit.

You can reach the port from the "Corinth-Patras National Road", continuing on "Kanellopoulou Str. - Iroon Polytechniou Str. - Othonos-Amalias Str. - Akti Dymeon".

The Greek railway network is not as widespread as that of other European nations. However, there is a widespread network of suburban buses with daily runs that cover all the main cities of the nation and, of course, local public transport on the islands. The service (the acronym is KTEL) is managed independently by each region / district into which Greece is administratively divided. See the link below for connections to / from Patras with the capital Athens.

KTEL Achaias: Central Bus Station of Patras

2 Zaimi str & Othonos Amalias

Tel .: +30 2610 623 886 (-8)

KTEL Achaias: Kifisos Athens Central Bus Station

100 Kifissou Ave

Tel .: +30 210 51 34 669 

Patras also has a metropolitan rail transport service (Patras Suburban Railways - in Greek, Προαστιακός Πάτρας) which connects the ends and the main hubs (schools, hospital, university) of the city. 

Airport connections - Port of Patras

L' Araxos Patrai Airport (GPA) is about 40 kilometers from the center of PatrasIt is possible to reach Patras by taxi, by rental car and by a KTEL bus.

Connections Train station - Port of Patras

The Agios Andreas railway station (terminus metropolitan railway service) and bus terminal (KTEL ACHAIAS) are both approximately 2 km from the port of Patras where ferries leave at a time of Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Igoumenitsa, Kefalonia, Zante and so on.

Services available on the Port of Patras

  • Gas station
  • Food
  • Bars, restaurants, sandwich bars
  • Shopping center

Ticket offices on the Port of Patras

The ticket offices of the shipping companies that make connections with Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Ancona and Venice) and the rest of Greece (Igoumenitsa, Zakynthos, Corfu, etc.) are located near the port

Shops within (or near) the Port of Patras

Near the port of Patras there are several commercial activities: DIY shops; car parts; gas station; food; shopping center; bar; restaurants; paninoteche etcetera.

What to see near the port of Patras

Although not a purely tourist city, Patras is certainly worth a visitSo, if you have a couple of hours to spare before boarding, discovering what's near the port isn't a bad idea at all.

Two monuments can be visited immediately: the church of Sant'Andrea and the Apollo Municipal Theater

A little further away, on the other hand, is the Upper Town (Ano Poli), where both the medieval Castle (Kastrou) built in the 6th century AD on the ruins of the Acropolis and the nearby Roman Theater (Odeon) are worth a visit.

Finally, special mention for the Lighthouse, which offers a spectacular view of the port of Patras, and above all for the Rion Antirion Bridge which connects the Peloponnese (Rion, part of the municipality of Patras) to the Greek mainland (Antirion, part of the municipality of Nafpaktia) bypassing the Gulf of Corinth

Built for the 2004 Athens Olympics, this bridge, nicknamed "Bridge of Poseidon", is about 12 kilometers from the port of Patras. To date, with its 164 meters in length, it is the longest "suspension" bridge in the world.