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The Port of Venice

Located at the top of the Adriatic Sea , the port of Venice is not only a maritime and commercial hub with the eastern Mediterranean  but also with central Europe , given its relative proximity to the Alpine passes. A fact that has its historical evidence with the glorious destiny of the Serenissima Republic of Venice

Obviously, compared to the end of that centuries-old experience, in 1797, many things have changed but, over time, especially during the twentieth century, the port area of ​​the lagoon city has experienced a new expansion phase in which another fundamental has emerged. feature: multifunctionality.

In fact, none of the various activities that pass through the port of Venice prevails over the other: from agri - food to energy , passing through the chemical and steel sectors , the various supply chains are balanced with the consolidated commercial and tourist vocation of the city.

And, speaking of tourism, the cruise sector deserves particular mentionVenice, in fact, is what in technical jargon is called "home port", that is, a terminus of various cruise routes. Finally, as for passenger traffic, the city is connected by sea (ferries) with the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras, and during the summer season (hydrofoils) with the opposite coastal towns of Slovenia and Croatia .

How to reach the port of Venice


  • A13 (coming from Bologna) ; Padova Zona Industriale exit and continue towards Venice A57. After the Mestre - Villabona barrier (Venice - Mestre), first exit on the right and follow the road signs to Venice.

  • A4 (direction Milan - Trieste) ; Padova Est exit  and continue towards Venice A57. After the Mestre - Villabona barrier (Venice - Mestre), first exit on the right and follow the road signs to Venice.

  • A4 (direction Trieste - Milan) ; Noventa di Piave exit continue for Venice and then on the Mestre ring road; take the PORTO exit and follow the road signs to Venice.


In addition to Flixbus , which allows you to reach Venice (Venezia - Mestre Railway Station) from the main Italian cities, there are also land (bus) and sea (vaporetti) connections from AVM , a company that manages local public transport in the city. Particular mention for People Mover , the elevated funicular that from Piazzale Roma (approx. 1 km from the Venice Santa Lucia railway station) allows you to easily reach the Passenger Terminal of the Port of Venice.


Regional trains depart from:

  • Padua to Venice with a frequency ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.
    Journey time 45 minutes approx.
    From the Venice Santa Lucia station the port is just over 1 km away.

For further train connections, consult the website

Airport connections - Port of Venice

Venice Airport Bus Express, shuttle service (without intermediate stops) of the ATVO company from Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma, in the center of Venice, from which the port is easily accessible.

Line 5 Aerobus of the ACTV company from Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma, in the center of Venice, from which the port is easily reachable.

Connections Train station - Port of Venice

From the Venice Santa Lucia railway station, cross the Ponte della Costituzione that leads to Piazzale RomaTake the People Mover, the elevated funicular that allows you to easily reach the port of Venice.

Parking near the Port of Venice

AVM Municipal Garage - Santa Croce, 496

Over 2000 parking spaces and 300 motorcycle parking spaces, distributed over 6 floors, with 10 parking halls and 2 terraces, this car park is located near Piazzale Roma (car terminal that allows easier access to the historic center of Venice. boarding of all public transport navigation lines (ACTV)

Tel: (0039) 041-272 23 94 and 041-272 23 95

Garage San Marco - Piazzale Roma, 467 / F

About 900 parking spaces; video surveillance; open 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.

Tel: (0039) 041-523 22 13 and 041-523 51 01

Venezia Terminal Passeggeri - Marittima, Building 248

The only parking inside the port area. Service reserved only for cruise passengers and their companions.

Tel: (0039) 041 240 30 33/40

Services available on the Port of Venice

  • Parking lots
  • Hotel; B&B
  • Food
  • Shops (sports; clothing; cosmetics, etc.)
  • Pizzerias; trattorias; bar; restaurants;
  • ATM
  • Newsstand
  • Luggage storage

Luggage storage on the Port of Venice

Transbagagli Cooperative

Piazzale Roma - Luggage storage service inside the

Isola Tronchetto municipal garage - Luggage storage service near the terminal for People Mover.

S. Lucia Station - Handling and baggage transport service. Cooperative staff present outside the

M. Polo Airport railway station - Luggage storage service available at exit 1.

Tel .: (0039) 041 71 37 19

Shops within (or near) the Port of Venice

Near the port of Venice there are various activities: bars; restaurants; trattorias; pizzerias; parking lots; hotel; B&B; clothing stores; car rental and so on.

What to see near the port of Venice

Visiting Venice while waiting to board a ferry, a hydrofoil, a cruise ship, or even returning from a holiday in Greece, Croatia, around the Mediterranean, is not a bad idea at all, especially since most tourist attractions not far from the Maritime Station: Piazza San Marco; the homonymous basilica; Ducal Palace; the most famous bridges (of Rialto; of the Scalzi; of the Constitution; of Sighs etc.) are in fact all within a few kilometers from the port.