Alilauro Gruson

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Free passage without the right to a seat for children under the age of 2; if they occupy a place, payment is due.

Children from 2 to 11 years old pay the child rate.

The age of the children must be documented.

After the tickets have been issued, no reductions for children can be granted.

Animals on board

By paying the due cost, it's permitted to transport dogs, cats and other small live pets; animals must be kept exclusively outside the passenger lounges and in conditions that do not cause damage or nuisance to passengers.

Animals are not allowed into the lounges and spaces intended for passengers, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind. Dogs must have a muzzle and a leash.

Cats or other pets must be transported in cages or baskets in the care of their owners.

The following documentation is required: valid health or veterinary certificate certifying that the animal is not affected by any disease and, especially for dogs, that it has been vaccinated against rabies. This documentation can be requested at the time of issue of the relevant ticket or by the on-board staff


The passenger has the right to bring baggage with a maximum size of 50x30x15 cm and a maximum weight of kg. 10, if on board a ferry, and kg. 5, if on board a fast unit, and containing only effects for personal use.

Excess baggage must be paid (a ticket for each excess baggage).

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:
- more 10 days: 10%;
- more 48 hours: 50%;
- less 24 hours: 100%.
Presale and booking fees are non-refundable.

Time before departure and cost:
1 hour: €3.
To these modification costs must be added any fare differences and the modification fee equal to € 2 per trip leg.