Area: Campania

Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

Shipbuilding and yachting are the main assets

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The Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

The sectors that mostly drive the development of the port of Castellamare di Stabia are shipbuilding and yachting.

The prestige of the Stabiese shipbuilding industry is due to the historical presence of Fincantieri, and therefore of the Italian State. Nautical boating, on the other hand, thrives thanks to private investments and to the growing specialization in megayacht and gigayacht services.

The presence of luxury boats in the port of Castellamare is due to the proximity to the Sorrento coast and the archaeological sites of Pompeii (6 km) and Ercolano (20 km)So tourism is the sector around which cities and ports can grow further. 

fromredevelopment of the seafront, to the increase in  passenger traffic, Castellamare di Stabia has all the potential to become an even more important port in Campania and Southern Italy. 

In short, the line is drawn and the fruits during the tourist season can be glimpsed thanks to the fast connections that leave the Marinella quay every day for Sorrento and Capri.  

How to reach the port of Castellammare Di Stabia

Car: A3 Naples - Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway. Castellammare di Stabia exit. 

Bus: from Naples (outside Circumvesuviana Porta Nolana station) buses leave for Castellamare di Stabia. The journey takes about 1 hour. There are, however, direct connections from the city of Salerno. Active connections from the neighboring municipalities of San Marzano, Corbara and Angri or from the municipality of Sant'Antonio Abate (NA). The journey is approx. 50 minutes The EavBus company manages local public transport within the municipality of Castellamare di Stabia.

Train: regional and metropolitan trains leave from Naples Central and Naples Piazza Garibaldi for Torre Annunziata. From Torre Annunziata you have to continue by bus to Castellamare di Stabia. Journey time approx. 1 hour

Circumvesuviana: Circumvesuviana  trains leave from Naples Porta Nolana station (metropolitan railway service managed by the EAV company). Trains take 35 to 50 minutes to reach Castellamare di Stabia. From the outside of the Circumvesuviana station of Stabia to the port it takes a few minutes on foot. 

Airport connections - Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

From Naples Capodichino airport, at a cost of € 5.00, you can take the Alibus (shuttle service of the Neapolitan Mobility Company) to the Central Station of Naples and from there, buying another ticket, continue to Castellamare di Stabia via Circumvesuviana (metropolitan railway service of the Volturno Autonomous Authority). From the outside of the Circumvesuviana station of Castellamare di Stabia to the port it takes a few minutes on foot.

The Curreri Travel, bus company and travel agency, makes a convenient shuttle service from / to the airport of Naples / Castellammare di StabiaThe ticket costs around € 10.00 and can be purchased on board (baggage surcharges apply). For more information: +39 0818015420 / 081 8016376

Connections Train station - Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

From the Central Station of Naples it is possible to reach Castellamare di Stabia in about 50 minutes via the Circumvesuviana metropolitan railway serviceFrom the outside of Castellamare di Stabia station to the port it takes a few minutes on foot.

Parking near the Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

Parking Lungomare - Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi

At 700 meters approx. from the port of Castellamare di Stabia. Car Valet service with collection and return of the car at the port (for a fee)

Tel: +39 0818719621

Polipark - Corso Alcide de Gasperi

Tel: +39 081 8719621

Services available on the Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

  • Pharmacy
  • Ticket offices
  • Bars, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias
  • Parking lots

Ticket offices on the Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

The ticket offices of the shipping companies that make the connections to / from Castellamare di Stabia are located inside the port, close to Piazza Incrociatori San Giorgio.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Castellammare Di Stabia

The port of Castellamare di Stabia has always accompanied city ​​developmentSuffice it to say that the first housing unit developed right around the port area. Therefore in the area there are shops, kiosks, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, food, pharmacy and all other useful services for those who have to leave or have just landed.

What to see near the port of Castellammare Di Stabia

Almost all the main points of interest of Castellamare di Stabia are not far from the port. En passant we point out the Villa Comunale, the subject of important redevelopment works that have improved its appearance and use; the Cathedral, intola to the city patron San Catello; and Piazza Crostoforo Colombo, more commonly known as "Piazza Orologio". In short, a fair number of attractions to which must be added a large amount of shops, bars, restaurants and outdoor kiosks.

Special mention for the Faito cablewayVilla Arianna and Villa San MarcoThe first, during the tourist season (from April to October), goes up and down from the Castellamare railway station and the Piazzale dei Capi di Monte Faito (the service is managed by the EAV company). Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco, on the other hand, are two Roman villas, rich in frescoes and mosaics, and represent a valid alternative to the busiest Pompeii and Herculaneum.