Area: Campania
Place: Capri

Port of Capri

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The Port of Capri

Located north of the island, in the hamlet of Marina Grande, the port of Capri is the first tourist postcard that welcomes visitors who disembark from ferries and hydrofoils. It is a natural inlet protected by two large artificial docksPart of the port is used for commercial and passenger trafficthe tourist side, however, welcomes yachts and large boats of the many boaters who frequent Capri during the summer. Of course, there is also an area reserved for fishing boats

The connections with Naples and Sorrento they are insured all year roundTo these, during the summer, there are connections with CastellamarePositanoAmalfiSalerno and IschiaThere are no direct connections with Procida (you need to go from Naples or Ischia). During the winter months the connections with Naples and Sorrento are less than the period from Easter to October.

The ferry takes 50 to 80 minutes to reach Naples, while the hydrofoil it takes an average of 50. The type of ship affects the various travel times by ferry. The fast ferry takes less time (and costs more). To reach Sorrento, however, it takes 25 minutes by ferry; 20 minutes by hydrofoil.  

The port of Capri is connected to the Piazzetta (center of the island) with the funicularFurthermore, near the port there are buses and taxisRestaurants, bars and groceries, however, are located near the marinaThe latter is one of the best equipped in Europe, in line with the needs of present customers. 

How to reach the port of Capri

Funicular: the Funicular is the most convenient and quickest means of transport to reach the port of Marina Grande. In about 5 minutes, from the Piazzetta di Capri, the heart of the island, you can reach the valley station near the port. Trains run frequently (approx. Every 15 minutes) and tickets cost € 2.00. 

Bus: in Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria, about 100 meters from Piazza Umberto I (or Piazzetta), there is a bus station. To reach the port it takes about 10 minutes. Rides are frequent (every 10 minutes approx.). Tickets cost € 2.00. Also available on board with a slight increase in the price. In addition to the connections with the port, buses also guarantee connections with the municipality of Anacapri.

Taxi: taxis are present in all the main points of interest on the island. The tariffs are municipal, which is why Capri and Anacapri, the two municipalities in which the territory is administratively divided, each have their own tariff.   

Services available on the Port of Capri

  • Ticket offices (ferries, hydrofoils, funicular)
  • Tourist Information Office
  • Newsstand
  • Funicular station
  • Taxi station
  • Pharmacy
  • Bars, restaurants, shops selling typical products
  • Scooter rental

Ticket offices on the Port of Capri

The ferry and hydrofoil ticket offices are located on the port of Marina Grande and are open every day except, of course, for seasonal connections.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Capri

Near the port of Capri there are countless activities: restaurants; bar; pharmacy; newsstand; food; scooter rental; etcetera.

What to see near the port of Capri

Marina Grande is the first tourist postcard that welcomes visitors as soon as they have disembarked from the ferry or hydrofoil. The pastel colors of the facades of the houses are the aspect that immediately draws the attention of tourists, rightly excited by one of the peculiar features of Mediterranean architecture

Obviously on the port of Capri there are all the activities of a modern tourist resort: ferry, hydrofoil and funicular ticket offices; information Office; Pharmacy; restaurants; bar; newsstand etcetera

Near the port there are also boarding for the tour of the island and the Blue GrottoThe latter often represents the first stop for the many hit and run tourists who daily land on Capri. It must be considered, however, that in certain periods of the year the turnout is very high with the risk, in the end, that the Blue Grotto remains (almost) the only memory of the Capri day. Therefore the choice must be carefully considered. 

A few tens of meters from the port there is also the funicular that in 5 minutes leads to the infamous Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I) with its terrace from which you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the island. From the square you can easily get to Via Camerelle, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, from which you can continue just as easily to other other points of great charm such as the Belvedere in via Tragara and the Gardens of Augustus.

Returning to Marina Grande, woe to forget the beachYes, because the largest beach of Capri is located not far from the port. A particularly suitable option for those who move with children in tow. 

It goes without saying, the things to do and see in Capri are many more than those described so far, Just to remember two more: the legendary via Krupp (if viable) and the chair lift that leads to Monte Solaro