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Ferries and hydrofoils to Procida take visitors to discover an island that has grown a lot in tourism over the last 25 years. Cinema has played an important role in this growth: we refer to the film "Il Postino di Neruda" starring Massimo Troisi and directed by Michael Radford. Then there's the charm of the place: colored houses, arches, superfetations, narrow alleys, stairs and continuous ups and downs constitute, in fact, the aesthetic figure of the island.

Do not miss a visit to Corricella, the oldest village in Procida. Mainly inhabited by fishermen, this village is the quintessence of Mediterranean architecture and its particularity has certainly not gone unnoticed. Suffice it to say that multinationals such as Apple and Microsoft have used the pastel colors of Corricella houses to promote their respective products.

A zero-cost advertising which the island has certainly benefited from without losing its identity (also Marina Grande and Chiaiolella are worth seeing). Finally, there are other ways to discover the identity of Procida, such as folklore (don't miss the Good Friday procession) and gastronomy.

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How to reach the island of Procida

The island has been proclaimed Italian Capital of Culture 2022 and can be reached thanks to the sea lines of the Gulf of Naples all year round and, during the summer season, also from other ports of Campania.

10 things to do in Procida, an island Italian capital of culture

The territory of the municipality of Procida is activated through that culture which can amaze the whole world because it gives value to the beauty of the landscape, the sea and the educational and artistic capital of Procida.

Procida: 2023 disembarkation ban

For 2023, the ban on disembarking in Procida with vehicles has been extended until the end of the year.

First Hybrid High Speed ​​Craft for Capri, Ischia and Procida

The agreement between Marinvest/SNAV and Intermarine for the design and construction of a SNAV hybrid single-hull, equipped with latest generation technologies, will bear fruit in 2024.

Ban on disembarking on the island of Procida with cars, motorbikes and mopeds (2024 decree)

It is forbidden to take the ferry to Procida with a motor vehicle in tow during the tourist season, as there is a restriction on the influx and circulation of non-resident cars and motorbikes.