Ferries and fast ferries to Ischia, Procida and Pozzuoli

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List of ports connected by this company: Ischia Porto, Pozzuoli, Ischia Casamicciola, Procida

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Founded in 1994, Gestour is a private shipping company specializing in the mini-cruises sector along the coasts of Campania and Campi Flegrei. The experience gained in the tourism sector has allowed the company to focus also on the annual and daily connections of people and goods from Pozzuoli to the the islands of Ischia and Procida.

Fleet Gestour

The Gestour fleet is made up of 3 ferries and 2 fast motorboats.


Each passenger can embark for FREE1 hand luggage of 10 kg and of the following dimensions: 60x40x30Additional  baggage must be specified at the time of booking and  purchased at the relative rate.


Bicycles can be taken on board Gestour shipsThey must be reported at the time of booking and purchased at the relative rate (approx. 4 euros each way).

Bar services and catering on board

If you need a quick snack, a drink, a coffee, you can easily go to the ship's bar, the staff is ready to welcome you.

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:
- more than 48 hours: 30%;
- more than 24 hours: 50%;
- less than 24 hours: no refund.
Presale and booking fees are non-refundable.

Time before departure and cost:
- 1 hour: €3;
To these change costs must be added any fare differences and the change fee of €2 per leg.

General transport terms and conditions Gestour

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