Superfast Ferries

Founded in 1993 Superfast Ferries operates in maritime connections between Italy and Greece

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List of ports connected by this company: Ancona, Corfù, Igoumenitsa, Bari, Patrasso, Venezia, Pireo, Heraklion, La Canea

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Superfast Ferries

Founded in 1993 by the shipowner Pericles Panagopulos, Superfast Ferries is a shipping company engaged in maritime connections between Italy and Greece. The company's beginnings marked a real revolution in the history of trade between the Adriatic and the Aegean.

Two of the most important innovations: reduction of travel times and higher standards for both passenger and freight transport. The historical situation represented by the Balkan War further favored the rise of Superfast Ferries, forcing the competition to rapidly modernize its fleets in order not to give up further market shares.

In the following years, the scenario changed with an overall rebalancing of the market that has led to sales, acquisitions and new collaborations, such as that between Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries which for some years have been managing the connections from Venice, Ancona and Bari to Igoumenitsa, Patras and Corfu in a joint venture. 

Fleet Superfast Ferries

The Superfast Ferries fleet consists of 3 ships:

  • Superfast XI (video);

  • Superfast I (video)

  • Superfast II (video)

  • Asterion II


On international routes children under 4 years (infant) who do not occupy a bed or seat pay a fixed fee of € 5.50 per flight. For those who occupy a bed or a seat, a 50% discount on the adult rate is applied.

Children between 4 and 16 years are entitled to a 50% reduction on the adult rate of the chosen accommodation. Children traveling in the cabin must be accompanied by an adult.

Animals on board

Superfast ships are equipped with special boxes for the transport of pets, whose presence must obviously be specified when booking. There are also a limited number of cabins where pets are allowed , and these too must be booked early. Unaccompanied animals are not allowed.

Passengers with pets must always have their health card with them (EU residents must have an official EU passport) and follow all boarding procedures. For cats, dogs and ferrets, proof of rabies vaccination is mandatory. 

Animals are not allowed to stay in the remaining cabins, on vehicles (except for "Camping on board" reservations) in restaurants, bars and in other closed areas on boardIn addition, they must always be accompanied on a leash and wear a muzzle.

Compliance with the rules listed above, caresafety and pet hygiene are all the responsibility of the companion, who will also be solely responsible for any personal injury and property damage that the animal may cause to third parties.

Animals trained to assist people with disabilities are exempt from the obligation to remain in the appropriate spaces and can transit with the owner in the spaces dedicated to passengers. It goes without saying, the owners of these animals must be in possession of the relevant certificates.

For the transport of live animals other than pets the conditions of freight transport apply. In case, you should contact the Customer Service of the Company.


On ANEK Lines and Superfast Ferries ships you can take your bike on board for free.

WiFi on board

The following services are provided on board:

  • Use of mobile phone while traveling. For information on satellite communication and its cost, passengers should contact their mobile telephone operator;

  • Wireless access (WI-FI) during the trip

Cancellation policy

Time before departure and penalty:

- Ordinary rate tickets for INTERNATIONAL LINES

- more of 22 days: 0% (no penalty);
- from 21 to 8 days: 20%;
- from 7 to 24 hours: 50%;
- less than 24 hours: 100% (no refund). 

Possibility Partial cancellations. The above refund policy is not applicable. valid for tickets issued with a special offer.

CHANGE costs (time, date)
Time before departure
- more than 4 hours

Due to any fare differences and modification fees of €2 per route. Possibility to change to a new departure date or to make the tickets "open" (open date)