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The Ardara wine cellar festival (Sardinia): Chentinas de Su Regnu

The cellars and artistic heritage of the ancient capital of the Sardinian kingdom of Logudoro open their doors on the occasion of the food and wine festival in March.

The food and wine and cultural event in Ardana, a village in the province of Sassari with an important history, is characterized by rivers of wine, tastings of typical products, live folk music, crafts and historical-cultural itineraries.

With Chentinas de Su Regnu, in March of each year, the doors of the cellars and the artistic heritage are thrown open, relaunching the local artistic and cultural beauties.

Each winery offers wine and typical dishes (from chickpea soup to wild boar, from sausage to lamb and sheep, from cheeses to pancakes). To participate, the tasting kit (glass, bib, map and menu) must be purchased on site.

Ardara, whose economy is predominantly agro-pastoral, was an important location in the Middle Ages, as it was the capital of the Giudicato of Torres or Logudoro, one of the four kingdoms into which Sardinia was divided, and home of the Giudici of Torres, who had built by Pisan workers the Palazzo Giudicale and the palatine chapel of Santa Maria del Regno.

In the program of the event, in addition to zero kilometer food and wine, we find musical performances, craft and artistic exhibitions, opening of historical sites, starting with the possibility of visiting the Giudicale Museum and what is currently the parish church of Santa Maria del Regno, also known as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Kingdom, in Romanesque style, inside which we find the sixteenth-century altarpiece “Major Retable“.

The event is organized by the Municipality with the ProLoco Ardara Tourist Association and the contribution of the Region and the Province.

Chentinas de su Regnu 2024

Chentinas de su Regnu (the cellars of the kingdom in northern Logudorese dialect) will take place in the municipality of Ardara on Saturday 9 March 2024, starting from Piazza Municipio from 6.30 pm.

Rivers of wine will flood the country, are you ready with the glass? To be able to taste it is necessary to purchase the appropriate kit (supporting the Pro loco).

The evening will be enlivened by live music from the following groups:

  • SeuinStreetBand;
  • Trio Figulinas Folk;
  • Su Coro de Piaghe;
  • Zeppara;
  • Gruppo Folk Sassarese;
  • Fakes (Rock Punk);
  • Skinny Live Duo.

How to get to Ardara from the Italian peninsula

To get to Ardara starting from the Italian peninsula, ferries to Porto Torres departing from Civitavecchia or Genoa can be very convenient.

If you travel by vehicle, it takes just three quarters of an hour to reach the village (the distance to cover is in fact approximately 55 kilometers via E25 and SS729).

From the commercial port of Porto Torres it is also possible to take a Logudoro Tours bus which arrives at your destination in an hour after four stops (the ticket can be purchased on board the bus).

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