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Seat of the first Jesuit College in the world (which later became the university that still exists today), Messina owes much of its fortune to its proximity to the sea and in particular to its natural port, defended by the arm of San Ranieri, a characteristic shaped peninsula of sickle (the first name of the city was Zancle, a term that both in Greek and in Sicilian refers to the curved tool used to harvest wheat).

The cataclysms (one above all the earthquake of 1908) and the bombings during the Second World War have considerably wounded the city, which however had the strength to get up and rise again each time from its ashes. The port of Messina, in particular, is one of the liveliest port areas in the boot and in Sicily: every day, in fact, the city welcomes numerous ferries that allow regional trains to take travelers and commuters from Calabria to the island. A very important service, which allows citizens to guarantee territorial continuity throughout the year.

The city of Messina, in addition to being a strategic port, is also the guardian of an ancient culinary tradition that is unrivaled. At the base of Messina cuisine there is obviously fish, prepared in the most disparate ways. A prominent place on the table is then occupied by the arancino, the messinese focaccia and the pidone, very similar to the fried calzone. Finally, among the desserts, it is impossible not to mention the cassata, the cannolo and the famous and tasty granita from Messina.