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There are three ingredients of a holiday in Corfu: in the first place the dream landscapes that the island offers with so much generosity; secondly, the charm of the historic center of Kerkyrafinally, the double soul of land and sea of its inhabitants.

For each of these aspects an example is possible: the top, from an environmental point of view, is the beach of Paleokastritsa, which the Corfiots even consider the most "beautiful in the world"; from the historical-cultural point of view, however, there is the already mentioned historical center of KerkyraThe succession of narrow streets, closed on the sides by 4 or 5-storey buildings, in which the Venetian and English architectural traces are evident, is a remarkable spectacle, to the point of deserving the Unesco protection, active since 2007. Eye, of course, also to churches and monasteries. Here too are two references on the many that could be done: the church of San Spiridione , also in the historic center of Corfu, and the Vlakérna Monastery, right in front of the airport.

Third and last aspect: the differences between the coastal side and the hinterland. Coastal towns and villages, in fact, have more developed the tourist economy. One of the emblems of this landing place is the small village of Sidari on the northern side of the island; on the contrary, the inner soul lives in hilltop communities such as Pelekas , a popular hippy destination with arrivals from all over Europe in the 1970s.