Area: Lazio
Place: Ponza

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The Port of Ponza

Like all small islands, even in Ponza the port is the natural center of the territory. The work, commissioned by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, has proved decisive over the centuries not only for fishing, but also for tourism that characterized the development of the island after the Second World War.

In addition to ferries and hydrofoils, many pleasure boats also moor in the port of Ponza, without forgetting the yachts and megayachts that frequent the island in summer, with vips and personalities from the international star system on board.

How to reach the port of Ponza

The port of Ponza can be reached by bus, taxi and by bike and scooter (useful info for those already on the island).

Bus: the local public transport service is managed by Schiaffini Travel SpA, a company active in various municipalities in the province of Rome. The bus station is located right on the harbor. The frequency of connections varies according to the time of year. The travel time to Le Forna / Punta Incenso and back is approx. 30 minutes.

Taxi: near the port of Ponza there are taxis and NCCs that bring visitors and tourists to every part of the island. Municipal prices range from € 10.00 to € 25.00, to which must be added the costs of baggage, calling, night tour, parking etc. Instead, the tour of the island is subject to free negotiation.

Bicycles and scooters: near the port, but also in the rest of the island, there are scooter and electric bike rentals *.

 There is no ban on landing in Ponza during the summer. However, considering the small size and the territorial specificity of the island (lanes and narrow streets), the use of the car is not recommended except, obviously, mandatory requirements. It's essential to consult the Local Police for obtaining the appropriate permits.

Services available on the Port of Ponza

  • Ticket offices
  • Tourist information center
  • Bars, restaurants, night clubs
  • Boat rental
  • Gas station

Ticket offices on the Port of Ponza

The ticket offices of the shipping companies are located near the port.

Luggage storage on the Port of Ponza

Visit Ponza - Via Corridor, 34

The bags are labeled, closed with personalized and numbered straps and kept in a reserved area. The deposit is located a few tens of meters from the main street.

Tel: +39 077180368

Shops within (or near) the Port of Ponza

Near the port of Ponza there are many activities: boat rental; bike & scooter rental; bar; restaurants; night clubs; bakeries; fruit and vegetables; food; fishmongers; clothes shops; typical products; souvenir and so on.

What to see near the port of Ponza

The first thing to see once you arrive at the port of Ponza is ... the port of Ponza! In fact, one cannot remain indifferent to this jewel of Bourbon architecture wanted by Ferdinand IV as part of a repopulation project of the Ponzi archipelago.

Bars, restaurants, night clubs, clothing shops, typical products... are almost all concentrated on the promenade and in the streets adjacent to the port. Also from the port there are buses, taxis and sea taxis to discover the beaches and coves that follow one another along the 41 kilometers of coast of the island.

In addition there are also the Church of Santi Silverio and Domitilla, the Caves of Pilate and the Botanical Garden.