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There are really many factors that have contributed to the economic prosperity of Trapani and the surrounding areas of the city. First of all, the proximity to the sea, a feature that over the centuries has been exploited to their advantage by the populations who have occupied the territory.

Another element that has played - and continues to play - a fundamental role in the growth of the socio-economic fabric is undoubtedly the fact of being one of the "gates" of access to the Egadi archipelago , a destination annually affected by a generous holiday flow.

Another no less important strength is represented by the versatility of its port, which has always proved to be multipurpose: in addition to ferries and hydrofoils, the port also hosts private boats, cruise ships and commercial boats.

To all this we must then add its history and its culinary traditionAbove every dish is the bluefin tuna, undisputed Sicilian excellence. However, trapanese pesto, couscous, sfincia di San Giuseppe and mustazzoli also deserve a mention. Among the wines, in addition to Marsala, it is also worth mentioning the Erice DOC.