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Like all cities overlooking the sea, Livorno has always based its subsistence on the activities that still take place today within its vast port areaAccording to the data released by the Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, in 2018 the port of Labron, Piombino and those of Elba moved 44 million tons of goods .

As far as cruise traffic is concerned hundreds of thousands of passengers passed through the port of Livorno in 2018To these data must then be added those relating to the imposing flow towards the island of Elba and the other ports of the Tuscan archipelagoWe must not forget that Livorno, along with Piombino, it is among the main port calls that allow tourists and not to reach even Sardinia and Corsica

Although it was wounded by the bombings of the Second World War, Livorno is a city that has not completely lost its historical-cultural identityIn fact, around the central Piazza della Repubblica, there are a whole series of monuments and places of interest that will not fail to capture your attention. 

Always a crossroads of very different peoples and cultures, Livorno welcomes places of worship and cemetery complexes belonging to numerous religious confessions (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Waldensian, etc.).

Finally, the cuisine deserves a special mention: among the typical Livorno dishescacciucco, a delicious fish-based dish, undoubtedly dominatesAmong the alcoholic beverages, a prominent place is occupied by the so-called punch alla livornese.