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The route Civitavecchia-Barcelona is served by the following companies

Civitavecchia to Barcelona ferry

With the Grimaldi Lines ferries on the Civitavecchia - Barcelona route you'll arrive with all comforts in the beautiful Catalan city, located on the north-eastern coast of Spain, starting from the Lazio coast.

Barcelona certainly needs no introduction. Since the 90s of the last century it has been one of the European cities with the greatest growth in tourism. In fact, millions of visitors choose it for their holidays every year. An important part of the tourist flows passes through the port of the Catalan city which, in addition to ferries, is also able to accommodate cruise ships.

From this page you can get updated information on the ferries that travel this route, reserve a seat on board, receive your ticket online and after-sales assistance.

The trips are made throughout the year, with a six-weekly frequency and departures in the evening or at night based on the day of the week in which you leave.

The reverse leg is Barcelona - Civitavecchia

How much does the ferry from Civitavecchia to Barcelona cost?

The basic cost of the ticket is €45 for a single adult passenger without a vehicle, traveling on deck. It is an indicative amount, subject to variations according to the date of departure, any vehicle in tow and its size, the accommodation on board (seats and cabins are also available), the moment in which the reservation is made and the related rights. To check prices for the exact dates of your trip it is advisable to do a search.

How long does the crossing from Civitavecchia to Barcelona take?

The duration of the journey varies between 19 hours and 30 minutes and 23 hours and 30 minutes depending on the day of the week and the period in which the ride is made.

Where and how to board the ferry from Civitavecchia to Barcelona?

The terminal of the Civitavecchia port is the T1 Autostrade del Mare. Thanks to the fast check-in procedure, it is possible to go directly alongside, where you must show the ticket (also digital, in pdf format), the passengers' identity documents (even if they are minors) and the registration certificate of the vehicle if in tow, showing up for boarding at least an hour and a half before departure (two hours if with a vehicle).

Trip Overview Civitavecchia ➜ Barcelona
Minimum duration 1290 min
Maximum duration 1290 min
Racing per day 1
Distance 824.80 km
First and last rides Civitavecchia ➜ Barcelona
The first Ferry Grimaldi Lines 22:00
The last Ferry Grimaldi Lines 22:00
Prices Civitavecchia ➜ Barcelona
Prices and offers To know prices and offers do a search now
21h 30m
Civitavecchia Barcelona
operata da Grimaldi Lines
Scheduled arrival times are not guaranteed. All time zones are their respective locations.
21h 30m
Barcelona Civitavecchia
operata da Grimaldi Lines
Scheduled arrival times are not guaranteed. All time zones are their respective locations.

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