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Port of Pianosa

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The Port of Pianosa

Located on the eastern side of the island, the port of Pianosa consists of a pier where ferries from Piombino and Rio Marina dockIf you decide to leave from the mainland, it will take 2h and 50 minutes to reach the island. From the Elban port of Rio Marina, however, it takes 1h and 50 of navigation.

Near the pier where the ferries departing from Elba and Piombino moor there is a small tourist port for pleasure boats.

How to reach the port of Pianosa

On the island of Pianosa - also due to the small size of the territory - there is no road transport serviceTourists who reach the island from Piombino and Elba can visit Pianosa on foot, by mountain bike or with the help of private carriages and busesOnce on the island, you will have the opportunity to choose from a series of visits and scuba diving with licensed guides (the excursions depart from the Casa del Parco, where the tourist information center is located, located a few hundred meters from the port).

For more information, we refer you to the official website of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park (

Services available on the Port of Pianosa

  • Casa del Parco (tourist information center)
  • bar, restaurant
  • Inn
  • port authorities
  • diving center

What to see near the port of Pianosa

Although its territory is not particularly extensive, the island of Pianosa is rich in monuments and places of interest. On the marina you can admire the Forte Teglia (built by Napoleon Bonaparte), the Port Walls  and the nineteenth-century Palazzo della SpecolaMoving towards the hinterland, you can admire what remains of the catacombs of Pianosa, the agronomist's house and the church of San Gaudenzio.

On the beach of Cala Giovanna (or San Giovanni) there are also the ruins of a Roman villa (also known as the villa of Agrippa or Bagni di Agrippa, named after the nephew of the emperor Augustus who was killed in Pianosa during his exile). The island is also equipped with a maritime lighthouseinaugurated in 1864, in the past it also housed the home of the guardian. 

The island - banned for years due to the presence of the prison - has kept its nature almost intactPianosa is in fact characterized by the presence of numerous inlets, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a crystal clear seaAmong the most important beaches, we can cite the aforementioned Cala GiovannaCala del BurnedCala del MarcheseCala dei Turchi so on.