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Pianosa Island

With its 10.3 km 2, Pianosa is the fifth largest island among those that make up the Tuscan archipelagoReachable by ferry both from the mainland (port of Piombino) and from the nearby island of Elba (port of Rio Marina), it is one of the hamlets of the Municipality of Campo nell'Elba.

Its name has been associated for over a century with the presence, on the territory, of a penal colony established a few years before the unification of Italy by the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Over the years the prison (whose activity officially ceased in 2011) has hosted terrorists, prominent members of the organized crime and political dissidents (among the latter it is also possible to include the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini, who was imprisoned in the penitentiary between 1931 and 1935). 

In recent years - and significantly after the closure of the prison - the island has gradually become a tourist destination ( many guided tours are organized on site and it is also possible to dive ).

To preserve the nature of the islandit was decided to limit the use by visitors (341 people can disembark every day in Pianosa; on Tuesdays, however, an exception is made on the number up to a maximum of 200 people over 341).