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Ventotene is much more than a holiday. It's an urgent need: to disconnect from the daily routine and try to live without a watch, car, cell phone and all the worries that affect everyone's daily life.

It's not over, because Ventotene is also rich in history: the Roman one (the archaeological traces are still visible); the Risorgimento and the twentieth century, with the prison of Santo Stefano as a symbol of Bourbon and Fascist repression.

Special mention for the famous "Manifesto di Ventotene" by Altiero Spinelli. For the first time, Europe is described as an antidote to nationalisms and wars.

Finally, don't forget the sea which in Ventotene is beautiful and has nothing to envy to the most famous tourist destinations.

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Pandataria (the ancient name of the island) preserves important testimonies of the Roman past, it offers a crystalline sea and it stimulates the transmission of religious and gastronomic traditions.