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64Km Daily rides


Disconnect from the daily grind. This is the main reason why you choose to come on holiday to Ustica, an island of about 8 square kilometers 36 miles from the Palermo coast and over 50 miles from the Aeolian archipelago (of which it is not part).

A harsh territory, of clear volcanic origin, where the days of the residents are still predominantly marked by agriculture and fishingOf course, tourism has been a fundamental resource for years but, unlike other places, here it has not completely changed the habits and lifestyles of the inhabitants.

From a landscape-environmental point of view, Ustica is not afraid of comparisons. Especially as regards the underwater landscape: in the summer months, coasts and sea beds are frequented by diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

However, history also contributes to the popularity of the islandThe ancient one, well told by the "P. Carmelo Seminara" Archaeological Museum near the main square; and the contemporary one that saw Ustica, in spite of herself, jump to the headlines due to a plane crash that took place in 1980 and was never fully clarified. 

So Ustica crossed an important piece of history of the '900, in a way not unlike what happened with Ventotene during the Second World War, or what happens today, in the 21st century, with the island of Lampedusa. A detail that, although not immediately touristy, explains the interest in the territory.

Special mention for gastronomyThat Usticese is a Mediterranean cuisine with a double soul of land and sea that can boast raw materials of the highest quality. Absolutely to try the lentils, Slow Food presidium

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How to reach Ustica

The Palermo - Ustica ferries run 365 days a year. To reach the island there are also hydrofoils, but only for a certain period.

Prohibition of disembarking in Ustica with motor vehicles (decree 2023)

In August it is not possible to disembark on the island of Ustica with a vehicle in tow.