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Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands are the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to the sea and relaxationThe archipelago - made up of the islands of San Domino, San Nicola, Pianosa, Capraia, Il Cretaccio and La Vecchia - offers numerous rocky coves and inlets where it is beautiful to swim , snorkel and scuba dive.

In short, a real naturalistic paradise which, however, is frequented by many visitors during the tourist season. Most of these are limited to the classic day trip embarking from Termoli, Vieste, Peschici, Rodi Garganico and Vasto. Another part, on the other hand, is based in hotels and B & Bs in San Domino, the best equipped tourist island *, to then go on to discover the beaches and bays of the Diomedee Islands (the other topos with which the archipelago is known). 

Finally a curiosityThe tourist fame of the Tremiti Islands has grown a lot thanks to Lucio Dalla who had a house in Cala Matana, on the island of San Domino.  

* San Nicola , on the other hand, is the administrative seat of the Municipality of the Tremiti Islands

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How to reach the Tremiti islands

To land on the Diomedean islands you can leave all year round from the port of Termoli or in summer from that of Vieste.

Tremiti Islands: all the beaches and coves

On the Tremiti islands there are many coves surrounded by greenery which offer rocks that gently slope down into the clear sea.

10 things to do on the Tremiti islands

The Tremiti Islands manage to strike the traveler first with the blue green sea and the pine woods, immediately after with the history that marked the time of the archipelago of the Italian Adriatic.

Prohibition to disembark in the Tremiti Islands by motor vehicle (decree 2023)

From April until the end of October it is not allowed to disembark on the Tremiti islands with a car, motor vehicle or moped in tow.

Ban on disembarking on the Tremiti islands with cars, motorbikes and mopeds (2024 decree)

It is forbidden to take the ferry to the Tremiti with a motor vehicle in tow during the tourist season, due to the decree limiting the influx and circulation of non-resident cars and motorbikes.