Founded in 1947, Jadrolinija connects islands and the mainland in Croatia. Connections from Italy with departures from Ancona and Bari.

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List of ports connected by this company: Ancona, Spalato, Bari, Dubrovnik, Stari Grad, Zadar, Bar

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Jadrolinija is a shipping company established on January 20, 1947 in Rijeka (Fiume). Thanks to its fleet, it connects the mainland with the main Croatian islands and with Italy.

Fleet Jadrolinija

The Jadrolinija fleet has 53 units:

  • 9 fast ships;
  • 4 classic ships;
  • 40 ferries (of which three used in international transport).



Children up to the age of 3 travel for free if they do not occupy a bed in the cabin or an armchairChildren aged 3 to 12  are entitled to a 75% discount.

Children under the age of 13 cannot travel alone but must be accompanied by an adult.


Children up to 3 years old travel for free.

 For children between the ages of 3 and 12 there is a 50% discount on the passenger ticket price (the discount applies only to ships and ferries).

Children under the age of 12 cannot travel alone but must be accompanied by an adult.

Animals on board

Passengers can bring pets (dogs, cats, birds and other small animals) with them. Animals, with the exception of guide dogs, must not be brought into passenger rooms (lounges, restaurants, toilets, aircraft-type seating areas).

Dogs must be equipped with a muzzle (except guide dogs) and a leashAll pets must be provided with adequate documents and vaccinations and, in the case of international crossings, with all documents required for the transport of pets. The transport of aggressive animals, reptiles and beasts is prohibited.

On high-speed line, small pets are allowed to be transported in the salons, only in a special transport bag for pets with a maximum size of 45 x 35 x 25 cm, equipped with a waterproof bottom. The total weight of the bag with the animal must not exceed 8 kg.


Hand baggage is the baggage that the passenger carries with him and serves for personal needs, the permitted weight of which is:

  • up to 20 kg on local lines;
  • up to 30 kg on international lines.

The transport of hand luggage on ferries and shipping lines is included in the price of the passenger transport, therefore no additional costs are charged. During the journey, the passenger is required to take care of his hand luggage and to assume responsibility for it. The company assumes no responsibility for any alienation or damage to hand luggage. The price of carriage of hand luggage in or on the vehicle is calculated in the price of transport of the vehicle. 

Luggage includes as follows:  

  • hand baggage heavier than the values ​​specified in the opening words of this paragraph;
  • vehicles ;  
  • any other object weighing up to 100 kg which is carried in the presence of the passenger.

All objects above the specified weights or objects that do not travel in the presence of passengers (except single unaccompanied vehicles), fall into the category of goods and are carried under the terms of the freight contract.


You can take your bike on board for free on Jadrolinija units.

Bar services and catering on board

On board all units there are refreshment areas where you can enjoy fresh drinks, coffee and small snacks.

On  the ferries, however, the gastronomic offer is wider thanks to the restaurants with à la carte menus which offer regional and international cuisine. There are specific offers for children.

The breakfast is an international buffet.

Cancellation policy


If the passenger renounces the trip until the departure time of the ship indicated on the travel ticket, or on lines without reservations until the last departure of the ship within the validity period of the ticket, the passenger is entitled to a refund of the transport price with a deduction of 10% of the amount;



The passenger is entitled to a refund of part of the amount paid for the unused travel ticket only if he has duly and promptly canceled the reservation before the departure of the ship within the prescribed terms (including the date of departure of the ship):

  • 22 or more days before the departure of the ship with a deduction of 10% of the ticket price;
  • from 8 to 21 days before the departure of the ship, these days included, with a deduction of 20% of the ticket price;
  • from 1 to 7 days before the departure of the ship, including this day, with a deduction of 30% of the ticket price;
  • on the date of departure of the ship there is no deduction, withheld 100%;
  • if the passenger during the voyage renounces the voyage in any of the intermediate ports, or does not cancel the voyage before the departure of the ship or does not embark, there is no deduction, withheld 100%;

General transport terms and conditions Jadrolinija

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