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How to reach Pantelleria by ship or hydrofoil

The island of Pantelleria can be easily reached by ferry from Trapani and, in summer, also by fast boats.

Maritime connections to the island of Pantelleria

The island of Pantelleria, south-west of Sicily and a few miles away from the Tunisian coast, is part of the Free Municipal Consortium of Trapani and covers an area of ​​about eighty square kilometers. Accessible by ferry with or without a vehicle, it is also served by hydrofoils during the summer season, in any case with departures from Trapani terminals.

In the port of Trapani, in the northern area, not far from the historic center, precisely in front of the ancient Palazzo delle Dogane, there are the embarkation points: the Garibaldi quay and the Sanità pier. The Trapani maritime station is convenient to reach both from the A29 motorway and from the nearby train station.

Passenger boarding quay in the port of Trapani

The port of Pantelleria operating for maritime connections with passenger transport is Porto Nuovo, opposite Punta Croce, bordered to the east by the Wojtyla pier and protected to the north-west by the breakwater. Inside the landing there is the Tuscan pier with four floating piers, the Sant’Agata quay and the San Giovanni quay.

Porto Nuovo – Pantelleria

Trapani – Pantelleria ferries

The Trapani-Pantelleria ferries cover the route daily all year round, with both day and night crossings. The approximately 88 nautical miles are covered by Siremar ships, on which it is also possible to embark cars and motorcycles, in approximately seven hours. The trip can be made with the Bridge Passage ticket, in an Armchair, in a single, double, triple or quadruple Cabin (Superior) or in a single or double internal cabin (Second class).

Hydrofoils Trapani – Pantelleria

The Liberty Lines hydrofoils depart from Trapani and cross the Sicilian Channel to reach Pantelleria only in summer, not every day but almost. The travel time of the navigation is around two hours.

About the rides

Timetables and prices of the rides, with details on which company and the type of navigation unit are, can be consulted here: Trapani ➜ Pantelleria.

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