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Eolie Music Fest: concerts and DJ sets on boat in Vulcano, Lipari, Salina and Stromboli

There are few musical events in the middle of the sea, indeed only one: the one that is organized annually in the Aeolian Islands.

Eolie Music Fest is a musical event that takes place between the sea and volcanoes in the archipelago located off the north-eastern coast of Sicily. The festival celebrates music by offering a wide range of musical genres in the middle of the sea, including rock, pop, electronica, jazz and traditional Sicilian music.

The performances of the artists take place both in the open sea, on the traveling stage consisting of a 27-metre long Turkish gulet, and in the locations on land, also designed to amplify the emotional experience of the spectators.

Also to reach the archipelago there is the possibility of navigating by sea, thanks to the hydrofoils and ferries to the Aeolian Islands departing from the ports of Messina, Milazzo, Palermo and Reggio Calabria and, in high season, from Naples.

The islands involved in the musical and dancing shows are Lipari, Stromboli, Salina and Vulcano.

Eolie Music Fest 2023

Eolie Music Fest 2023 will be held from Thursday 29 June to Friday 7 July: the events will be available in various locations in the archipelago. The locations will be located on the islands and in the coastal waters of Lipari, the largest and most populous of the archipelago, Salina, green and luxuriant, Vulcano, famous for its thermal springs and the Sabbie Nere beach, Stromboli, known for its volcano active.

Among the artists who will perform there are Elisa, Piero Pelù, M¥SS KETA, the Motel Connection, Clementino and Ensi, La Rappresentante di Lista, the 99 Posse, the Sud Sound System and the Africa Unite, as well as various DJ sets. The program will be completed with other important names from the Italian music scene, which will make up an eclectic and high-quality line-up, with featurings and collaborations between musicians.

  • Salina, Saturday 1 July: Motta, Elisa.
  • Vulcano, Sunday 2 July: Piero Pelù, Myss Keta, Motel Connection; Monday 3 July: TBA.
  • Lipari, Tuesday 4 July: TBA, RADIO R101 Live DJ set.
  • Stromboli, Wednesday 5 July: Clementino, Ensi, La Rappresentante di Lista; Thursday 6 July: Sud Sound System, 99 Posse, Africa Unite; Friday 7 July: EOLIE MUSIC FEST Party.

Tickets to participate in the scheduled events on land and on the boat can be purchased on TicketOne. The cost of the ticket per person for a tourist boat is €65.65 (concert and boat transport), while the cost of the ticket per person for a private boat is €60.95. To rent a private boat, you can download the Talay app and choose from the proposed solutions.

To participate in the events, if you do not have a private boat, therefore, by purchasing a “Tourist Boat Pack” ticket, you can board the “Party Boats” that the organization makes available, with departures from Lipari, Marina Corta, Vulcano, Levante or Stromboli.

If, on the other hand, you have a boat (or rent one), you can purchase a “Day” ticket for each person on board, in order to access the buoy field and watch the show held on a gulet, a characteristic twin-masted boat of Turkish origin, 27 meters long.

There is also the possibility of the cabin charter formula, thanks to which it is possible to purchase a place in a double cabin or the entire cabin, on sailboats or catamarans, conducted by sailing instructors, with an itinerary that will touch the itinerant stages of the festival with a real week-long sailing cruise.

“This third edition is the umpteenth evolution of our festival and never like this year sees some of the most important artists on the Italian music scene among the protagonists” comments the artistic director Samuel Romano. “We have the honor of having Elisa with us to inaugurate the festival, a real big name on the Italian music scene who will be able to give added value to our gulet stage. In addition, we will have Piero Pelù, another historic name of prestige in music, the rap of friends such as Clementino and Ensi, the pop cult of La Rappresentante di Lista and Miss Keta. This is the first big step forward for Eolie Music Fest towards a parterre of increasingly important and influential artists in the world of music”.

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