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Compare ferry prices to Sardinia: discover all routes, availability and rates

To book a ferry to Sardinia, it may be useful to use the price comparator, which allows you to search for available seats and compare the rates applied on the same route by the various shipping companies.

By comparing the prices of ferries to Sardinia, you have the opportunity to discover all the routes that the different shipping companies operate on the requested days, as well as the seats and accommodations on board available with the relative rates.

To obtain all this important information on the ships that reach the second largest island in the Mediterranean, there is no better solution than a price comparator: it is a tool, present on this site, equipped with a metasearch engine that indexes the offers of all the navigation companies operating to and from Sardinia, which shows the available seats and allows booking.

It is best to specify the exact number of passengers and their respective ages, dimensions of any vehicle in tow and desired accommodation (deck passage, seat or cabin and type of the latter).

By refining your search in this way, in fact, you have the possibility of consulting the specific rates that all the shipping companies – that are active on a specific route (choosing one-way or round-trip) – offer, and which vary based on to the components that are added or not to the booking.

If you still don’t have a clear idea of ​​what the ferry routes to Sardinia are, you can first take a clarifying look at the page to which the link just recommended refers, where it is possible to discover all the routes that are carried out by the ships that reach – and they leave from – the second largest island in the Mediterranean.

Price comparator for ferries on routes to Sardinia

To use the ferry price comparator for Sardinia you must first choose a route.

The Sardinian ports of arrival and departure are, starting from the north-west side of the island and continuing clockwise, Olbia, Arbatax, Cagliari, Porto Torres and Santa Teresa di Gallura (the latter is not connected, unlike the others, with the other regions of Italy, but rather with Corsica).

The Italian ports from which maritime connections to Sardinia are operated are, from north to south, Genoa, Livorno, Piombino, Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo.

To see the price comparator in action, simply choose a route from those listed in the following paragraph and click on the link: you can then compare times and prices by first entering the dates, the number of passengers and any vehicle in tow, and selecting, in a second step, if you wish, accommodations on board other than deck passage (seats or cabins); at this stage it is also possible to add a pet to the booking.

All existing routes

Below are all the routes that are taken from Italian ports to Sardinia and back (some of them are seasonal, while others are annual).

Departures from Genoa

Departures from Livorno

Departures from Piombino

Departures from Civitavecchia

Departures from Naples

Departures from Palermo

Compare times and prices

After selecting a route, it is possible, thanks to the specific form at the top of the page, to compare round-trip or one-way times and prices, specifying the departure dates, the number and age of passengers and, if necessary, the type of vehicle.

By carrying out the search with the metasearch engine which indexes all the offers of the various shipping companies operating on the desired shipping line, the comparator will show a list of all the available trips, with the departure and arrival times, the shipping companies, the names of ferries that make the trip and the base price, i.e. on deck passage, for the number of passengers included and any vehicle.

After selecting your favorite trips, you can proceed with the booking and add, in this second phase, pets and accommodations on board such as available seats or cabins (which can be double, triple, quadruple), while still remaining within the scope of a no obligation quote.

The ferry fare comparison service is immediate and free and allows you to analyze not only the costs but also the indirect benefits – such as a shorter journey time, a departure time more suited to your needs, a daytime crossing, the type of ship and direct boarding – of the different trips that are performed on a route on a specific date.

It is thus possible to quickly discover not only the rates of all maritime transport companies, but also many other information which, available on a single web page, can greatly facilitate those traveling by sea.

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