Area: Grecia
Place: Karpathos

Diafani Ferries

The small port of Diafani is the second harbor on the island of Scarpanto.

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The Port of Diafani

The port of Diafani is the second, small, harbor on the island of Scarpanto, located on the north-east coast, about five kilometers away, on a slope, from the village of Olimpo, the nearest inhabited centre. Some ferries, which travel the route that involves Halki, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and Athens, also make an intermediate stop in the port of Diafani. From this small port it is also possible to embark on the boats which carry out excursions which have as stops some beaches and the small island of Saria.

How to reach the port of Diafani

The port of Diafani is quite isolated from the rest of the island. There are KTEL bus rides that connect it to other areas of the territory but they are not frequent or daily. There is the possibility of reaching the landing place by taxi.

What to see near the port of Diafani

Diafani beach, a short distance from the pier, is pebbly and approximately 400 meters long. Furthermore, excursions to the islet of Saria depart from the small port.