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The Port of Cetara

In the port of Cetara fishing boats and small boats have an important space, in line with the development of the tuna and anchovy processing industry.

At the same time Cetara is also a tourist destination, and so during the summer hydrofoils and fast motorboats moor and depart from / to Salerno, Capri and the municipalities of the Amalfi Coast. This kind of connections are a valid alternative to road traffic and together with yachting contribute to the fortunes of the area.

Special mention for the marina. About 150 berths and all the services that compete with a modern port: 24-hour security; mooring / unmooring assistance; drinking water; electric energy; mechanical assistance and so on.

How to reach the port of Cetara

Car: A3 Napoli-Salerno motorway. Exit at Vietri sul Mare and take the Strada Statale 163.


  • Sita Sud bus from Salerno to Cetara.
  • Sita Sud bus from Amalfi to Cetara. Journey time 45min.
  • Sita Sud bus from Naples to Cetara. Journey time 1h15min. ca.

Airport connections - Port of Cetara

From Naples Capodichino Airport the BuonoTourist makes two connections a day to Salerno (from Monday to Saturday except holidays)*. Journey time about 1h40min. The bus stops in Piazza Concordia, near the Masuccio pier from where, during the tourist season (April-October), you can embark for Cetara. Alternatively, you need to get off at the Via Vinciprova terminal and take another bus to Cetara. Journey time 30min. ca.

*If the times don't coincide with the BuonoTourist bus service, at a cost of € 5.00 it's possible to take the Alibus (shuttle service of the Neapolitan Mobility Company) to Naples Central Station and then continue to Salerno by train (regional or metropolitan ). Alternatively (always with Alibus) you can get off at the port of Naples and then take the Sita Sud bus (Varco Immacolatella terminus) to Cetara.

Connections Train station - Port of Cetara

From Salerno station you need to reach Piazza Concordia near the Masuccio pier from where, during the tourist season (April-October), you can embark for Cetara. Alternatively, you need to reach the bus terminal in Via Vinciprova and take a bus to Cetara.

From the Central Station of Naples you have to go to the port of Naples (by taxi with a predetermined municipal fare € 13.00 approx.) And from there take the Sita Sud bus (Varco Immacolatella terminal) to Cetara. Journey time 1h15min. ca.

Parking near the Port of Cetara

Municipal parking of the Port - via Galea

Most comfortable solution for proximity and capacity.

Tel: +39 089262911 (Municipality of Cetara)

Sunfruit parking - via Cannillo

About 1 kilometer from the port with covered / uncovered seats and day / night rates.

Tel:+39 089261339

Services available on the Port of Cetara

  • Ticket office
  • Bars, restaurants, sandwich shops, typical products shops
  • Boat rental

Ticket offices on the Port of Cetara

The ticket offices of the shipping companies are all located on the harbor.

Shops within (or near) the Port of Cetara

Near the port of Cetara there are bars, restaurants, sandwich bars, shops of typical products and boat rental. The scenario does not change as you move toward the center, where in addition to the just mentioned activities there are pizzerias, fishmongers, bakeries, grocery stores, fruit and vegetables, pharmacy and so on.

What to see near the port of Cetara

Unlike the other places on the Amalfi Coast, Cetara has remained (relatively) out of mass tourism. This allowed the survival of the typical characteristics of Mediterranean architecture.

To see the Church of San Pietro Paolo Apostolo and the viceregal tower. This tower is located at the end of the promenade and represents a typical example of a coastal tower with a sighting function and defense from the dangers of the sea, in particular from the fearsome attacks of Saracen piracy (especially in the 16th century).

Special mention for gastronomy. Cetara is famous all over the world for the processing of tuna and anchovies.

Last but not least the beaches: Marina di Cetara, in the center; the beach of Porto and the beach of Lannio, this one before arriving in the village coming from Vietri sul Mare.